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Miss Universe Thailand 2005 Chananporn Rosjan has eyes in the sky


March 29, 2005: Among the bevy of beauties, here is a of fly-past of intellect. Engineering graduate Chananporn Rosjan, 22, has won the coveted title of Miss Universe Thailand 2005 at a beauty pagent held in Bangkok on Saturday night. Chananporn Rosjan will now represent her country at the global Miss Universe 2005 contest. Thailand is the host country for the Miss Univese pageant this year. The event is scheduled for May 30, 2005.

Rosjan hopes to be a jet pilot one day. She is also getting ready with her training with Thailand's low-budget airline Air Asia.

Chananporn Rosjan outshone 43 candidates to win her her tiara. Rosjan holds a degree in engineering.

The title of Miss Universe Thailand has also brought her one million baht (25,975 dollars), besides diamond jewelry and the tiara.

Women from Thailand have won the Miss Universe crown twice before -- in 1965 and 1988. The country earlier hosted the contest in 1992.


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