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Odds on Miss Universe 2005: enter the bookies

Gambling on the Miss Universe 2005 pageant - odds by delegate

May 25, 2005: When the going contest picks up steam, bookies enter the picture. If you wish a bookie's bets gives some indication to the winners at the Miss Universe 2005, Bangkok, here are some cluse. The odds have been put out by According to the bookie centre, the Caribbeans and Americas hold the most promising chance to the Miss Universe 2005 crown. According to, Renata Sone (Miss Universe Dominican Republic) and Cynthia Olavarria (Miss Universe Puerto Rico) have the best chance tied at 12-1. Chelsea Cooley, Miss Universe USA is pegged at 25-1.

"The Miss Universe contest has been around for more than 50 years and continues to be one of the most watched television programs around the world. With Donald Trump getting on board the interest in the United States is going to be even greater this year. This is the perfect event for fans to wager on - it's exciting, unpredictable and it sure is a lot of fun to watch." Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, told a web news wire agency. 

Other bookie's choices for the Miss Universe 2005 crown include Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe Canada) as well as winners from South Africa and Venezuela ranked at 18-1, Colombia, Peru and Norway at 20-1 and Mexico at 25-1. Miss Australia is at 60-1, while Miss Thailand is listed at 40-1. The least likely winner, according to odds makers is Miss Angola with odds at 250-1. has another minor interest in this year's Miss Universe 2005 contest. Miss Costa Rica, Johanna Fernandez, is a former employee of the online sportsbook and casino. "We currently have her at 50-1 to win the crown, but in our hearts of course she's our favorite," said Czajkowski.

Miss Albania  75-1
Miss Angola  250-1
Miss Antigua and Barbuda  60-1 
Miss Aruba  70-1 
Miss Australia  60-1 
Miss Bahamas  100-1 
Miss Barbados  100-1 
Miss Belgium  50-1 
Miss Belize  65-1 
Miss Bolivia  45-1 
Miss Brazil  60-1 
Miss Bulgaria  80-1 
Miss Canada  18-1 
Miss Chile  65-1 
Miss China  75-1 
Miss Colombia  20-1 
Miss Costa Rica  50-1 
Miss Croatia  70-1 
Miss Curacao  35-1 
Miss Cyprus  100-1 
Miss Czech Republic  85-1 
Miss Denmark  50-1 
Miss Dominican Republic  12-1
Miss Ecuador  60-1 
Miss Egypt  70-1 
Miss El Salvador  45-1 
Miss Ethiopia  100-1 
Miss Finland  90-1 
Miss France  100-1 
Miss Georgia  100-1 
Miss Germany  80-1 
Miss Greece  35-1 
Miss Guatemala  150-1 
Miss Guyana  200-1 
Miss Hungary  70-1 
Miss India  40-1 
Miss Indonesia  100-1 
Miss Ireland  100-1 
Miss Israel  60-1 
Miss Italy  70-1 
Miss Jamaica  125-1
Miss Japan  35-1
Miss Kenya  200-1
Miss Korea  200-1
Miss Latvia  40-1
Miss Lebanon  60-1
Miss Malaysia  150-1
Miss Mauritius  85-1
Miss Mexico  25-1
Miss Namibia  150-1
Miss Netherlands  75-1
Miss Nicaragua  100-1
Miss Nigeria  100-1
Miss Norway  20-1
Miss Panama  85-1
Miss Paraguay  85-1
Miss Peru  20-1
Miss Philippines  75-1
Miss Poland  60-1
Miss Puerto Rico  12-1
Miss Russia  75-1
Miss Serbia/Montenegro  40-1
Miss Singapore  150-1
Miss Slovakia  35-1
Miss Slovenia  100-1
Miss South Africa  18-1
Miss Spain  100-1
Miss Sri Lanka  65-1
Miss Switzerland  70-1
Miss Thailand  40-1
Miss Trinidad and Tobago  45-1
Miss Turkey  150-1
Miss Turks and Caicos  125-1
Miss Ukraine  65-1
Miss United Kingdom  100-1
Miss United States  25-1
Miss Uruguay  70-1
Miss Venezuela  18-1
Miss Vietnam  200-1
Miss Virgin Islands (US)  125-1
Miss Zambia  150-1


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