Miss Teen USA 2007 contestants in preliminary rounds

22 August, 2007:

Miss Teen USA 2007 swimsuit photos


Miss Colorado Hilary Carol Cruz is Miss Teen USA 2007

Come Friday, and USA will witness yet another hot parade of teenage beauties gracing the ramp once again. Miss Teen USA 2007 finals are scheduled to be held on August 24, 2007. In what promises to be an event with the usual glitz, Miss Teen USA 2007 represents the effervescent face of young America. The Miss Teen USA 2007 show will be hosted by the Latino heartthrob Mario Lopez, at Pasadena, California and will be telecast live on NBC. Mario Lopez had earlier hosted Miss Teen USA in 1998 and 2003. In 2007, Mario Lopez hosted Miss America and Miss Universe.

Although the Miss Teen USA pageant has been held every year since 1983, it has not been without its share of controversies. Last year, the event sported a subdued aura with the swimsuits less revealing, and the music tamer than usual. Even the hosts kept their scripts politically correct and ‘proper’.

Katie Blair, Miss Teen USA 2006 winner, faced flak for alleged lewd sexual behavior involving an intoxicated Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner. They were said to have kissed, and danced provocatively at Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera’s birthday bash. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) announced that they will not use Blair as their spokesperson against underage drinking following the alleged incident. Katie managed to retain her title, and will crown this year’s winner at the gala on Friday. The Jones Brothers and Kat de Luna will be performing at the event.

Miss Teen USA 2007 competitions

In September - December 2006, 51 delegates were chosen from each state in the US. On August 19, 2007, a preliminary competition was held in Pasadena, California. The delegates participated in a swimsuit competition, evening gown competition, and personal interviews. Fifteen contestants for
Miss Teen USA 2007 have been chosen to enter the final round; the names of the contestants will be announced on the day of the final.

The final Miss Teen USA 2007 competition will be held on August 24, 2007 and will also have three rounds. In the first swimsuit round, contestants with
the highest scores will make the top ten and five contestants will be eliminated. In the evening gown competition, the number of Miss Teen USA 2007 contestants will be further pared down to five.

The last round will involve a final question from the judges that the contestants will have to answer in 30 seconds. The judges will then put their votes together and determine who will be Miss Teen USA 2007 and who will be the runners up in the first, second, third, and fourth positions. The current Miss Teen USA, Katie Blair, will take a final walk and crown the new Miss Teen USA 2007.

Miss Teen USA 2007 delegates

1) Canden Bliss Jackson, Alabama

17-year-old Canden is a recognized Wofford scholar, and was invited to be the student ambassador for People to People from 2005-07. Her dream is to be able to share her experiences with middle school students, and speak to them about self esteem.

2) Muriel Clauson, Alaska

17-year-old Muriel is the winner of Stars of Gold Award 2007 – the Statewide Award for Outstanding Volunteerism. She organized and directed Fore, the City Golf Classic charity fundraiser and raised over $70,000. She wants to become a Special Events Coordinator.

3) Tiffany Danielle Martin, Arizona

18-year-old Tiffany was the senior class homecoming queen and was awarded 2nd place in State at the Arizona State Cheer Competition. She also won the Silver Award at the State FCCLA Spring Conference for Interpersonal Communications. Tiffany dreams of becoming a news reporter.

4) Tiffany Greenstreet, Arkansas

18-year-old Tiffany won the Jason Pharis Memorial Youth Sportsmanship Award in 2006. She is also an Izard County High School Valedictorian and
Honor Graduate for 2007. Tiffany would like to become a lawyer.

Kylee Lin, California Miss Teen USA 2007 candidate
5) Kylee Lin, California

16-year-old Kylee has won the Community Service and Leadership Awards in Girl Scouts. She is also a WCAL Medalist in league Track Finals. Her dream job is one that allows her to incorporate her talents of working with people, visual media, and music.

6) Hilary Carol Cruz, Colorado is new Miss Teen USA!

18-year-old Hilary is the Class Representative for 2007, and was part of the Eagle University Leadership and Success Seminar. She was voted Latina
Woman of the Month. Hilary’s dream is to become an entertainment journalist.

7) Olga Litvinenko, Connecticut

17-year-old Olga has been the Vice President of Fundraising for Habitat for Humanity in her school, and holds a Certificate of Achievement for Habitat
for Humanity. She dreams of working for a company that will allow her to travel the world.

8) Holly Shively, Delaware

16-year-old Holly has won the Most Improvement, Most Social Butterfly, Prettiest Smile awards, along with winning a cheerleading competition. She
would like to work in athletic training, helping children, and become a model.

9) Jasmine Alexis, District of Columbia

16-year-old Jasmine is a National Society of High School Scholar, 2007, and has been on the Honor Roll of Duke Ellington Express for 2005-07. She
wishes to produce, direct, and star in her own television series.

10 ) Annilie Hastey, Florida

18-year-old Annilie was awarded the Best Actress in Thespian Troupe 6882. She has also won the Talented Twenty Award from the Florida Board of Education. Annilie has her sights set on Hollywood as a successful actor.

11) Jena Michelle Sims, Georgia

18-year-old Jena has won the Nestlé Very Best in Youth National Award, and Prudential Spirit of Community silver and bronze medallions for Community Service. She’s also earned the National Federation of Independent Businesses Entrepreneurial Scholarship. Jena dreams of becoming Miss Teen USA 2007.

12) Serena Karnagy, Hawaii

16-year-old Serena was the gold medalist in the national competition for karate (weaponry) in 2005-06. She was also awarded Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the International Society of Poets. Serena’s dream job is something that she has a passion for, but that also allows her to give back to her mom.

13) Krista Ann McNeal, Idaho

18-year-old Krista was the Elks Student of the Month Nominee, and won Miss Idaho Teen USA Miss Congeniality title. She has also won the Cougar
Academic Award. Krista wants to work on television as an actor, a talk show host, or an anchorperson.

14) Victoria Davis, Illinois

18-year-old Victoria is a published poet, and Illinois State Scholar. She’s won the photographer of the year award, and holds the school record in track & field triple jump event. Victoria wants to write for a major publication.

15) Victoria Tomlinson, Indiana

18-year-old Victoria was the Anderson High School's Indian Maiden, the Homecoming Queen, and Prom Queen for 2007. She has also been appointed to S.A.D.D. Student Leadership Council. Victoria wants to become a pharmacist.

16) Dakota Crosswhite, Iowa

18-year-old Dakota is an Outstanding Mathematics, Science, and World Language Scholar. She is a member of the Number One Club, selected by
teachers for showing unusual commitment and leadership skills in school. Dakota would love to help homeless animals through her business.

17) Jaymie Stokes, Kansas

16-year-old Jaymie has been on All-A Honor roll, and has been lettered in Dance and Academics. She wants to become a dentist and a model.

18) Katrina Marie Giannini, Kentucky

17-year-old Katrina has won the USAA National Mathematics Award, and Volleyball 110% Award. She is also the Wendy's High School Heisman Nominee. Katrina wants to become a successful model.

Logan Brook Travis, Louisiana Miss USA 2007 contestant
19) Logan Brook Travis, Louisiana

15-year-old Logan is a two-year letterman in Softball. Her dream job is Radio City Music Hall Rockette.

20) Amanda Noel Pelletier, Maine

18-year-old Amanda received a special letter of recognition from Barbara Bush to her community-based learning class for their $10,000 donation to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center. Amanda wants to be a freelance writer for a fashion magazine and host a morning news program.

21) Allison Farrow, Maryland

18-year-old Allison has an IMTA Junior Female Model of the Year Honorable Mention, and has won the Cheerleading Spirit Award in 2007, and Fire Prevention Service Award in 2006. Allison wants to become a well-known actor.

22) Kathleen Megan McNiff, Massachusetts

17-year-old Kathleen has won the Bentley College Academic Scholarship and Delmar Wallace Algebra Award. She wants to own and operate her own business and have a family and balance the two successfully.

23) Caitlin Klug, Michigan

18-year-old Caitlin won the State of Michigan Outstanding Achievement Award, Citizen and Leadership Award, and Science Olympiad Award. She want to be Doctor of Veterinary Medicine specializing in Orthopedics.

24) Vanessa Marie Vonbehren, Minnesota

17-year-old Vanessa is a Chemistry Advanced Placement Student, member of Advanced Dance Company, and was the special award presenter for Mrs. Minnesota America Pageant. She wants to follow in the steps of Tyra Banks and become a top model.

25) Anne Elise Parks, Mississippi

18-year-old Anne is a Hall of Famer at New Albany High School, Wendy's High School Heisman Nominee, and National Honor Society Merit Finalist. She wants to be a meteorologist on The Weather Channel or The Today Show.

26) Lauren Peterson, Missouri

16 Lauren won the Blocking Award at the Washington University camp in 2005 and 2006. She also won the Hammer Award at Farmington High School Volleyball Camp. She would like to train either dolphins or killer whales at Sea World.

27) Chelsea Mae Nelson, Montana

17-year-old Chelsea has won four gold medals from the Big Sky State Games Dance competition. She also won the Academic Achievement Award at the 2007 Miss Montana Teen USA Pageant. She wants to be a professional dancer/instructor/choreographer and own a dance studio.

28) Lauren Clabaugh, Nebraska

16-year-old Lauren has learned Advanced Orchestra, and won Special Achievement in Evening Gown at the Miss Nebraska Teen USA Pageant. She wants to specialize in pediatric reconstructive surgery.

29) Danielle Hashimoto, Nevada

16-year-old Danielle has won Community Service Letter Award, and was on the Director’s List for Academic Achievement. She wants to be a special
events planner and promoter.

30) Alexandra Paige MacDonald, New Hampshire

18-year-old Alexandra has been on the Who's Who of American High School Students, and National Honor Roll. She wants to become a nurse.

31) Alyssa Campanella, New Jersey

17-year-old Alyssa was the Honorary UNICEF Ambassador for the U.S. Fund (2006 & 2007) and won the Enthusiastic Reader Award (2005 & 2006). She wants to act and work for the UN.

32) Elizabeth Kranz, New Mexico

18-year-old Elizabeth is an FCCLA State Champ, and was the Honorary Speaker for National Women's History Month in February 2007. She wants to be successful in everything she takes on as a career.

33) Tatiana Pallagi, New York

17-year-old Tatiana has won the Avon Braves Scholar Award, and holds Academic Excellence in Mathematics and Physical Education. She wants to be a pediatric surgeon specializing in reconstructive surgery.

34) Kaitlin Coble, North Carolina

17-year-old Kaitlin has been lettered in Varsity Cheerleading, and is a Student Ambassador for Providence High School. She would like to become a successful actor.

35) Taylor Kearns, North Dakota

18-year-old Taylor is on the Who's Who among High School Athletes, and holds Varsity Letters in Academics, Cheerleading, French, Choir, Pizzazz
(show choir). She wants to be a professional model and singer.

36) Rachel Epperly, Ohio

18-year-old Rachel graduated with an “Award of Merit,” and was a Who’s Who Among High School Students nominee. Her dream job would be to design and sell handbags and shoes.

37) Paige Hill, Oklahoma

16-year-old Paige was nominated to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, and has received numerous scholarships to further her
dance education. She wants to become a model.

38) Whitney Whitehouse, Oregon

17-year-old Whitney has been the Varsity Cheerleading Captain, and a Member of National Society of High School Scholars. She would love to work at something that enables her to see the world.

39) Kelsie Sinagra, Pennsylvania

17-year-old Kelsie wishes to teach at her alma mater.

40) Rochelle Rose, Rhode Island

18-year-old Rochelle has been recognized for Excellence in a Foreign Language, and has won the Skipper Pride Award. She would like to work for the FBI.

41) Lauren Caitlin Upton, South Carolina

18-year-old Lauren has been on the high school varsity soccer team for the past four years. She has been inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. Lauren would like to design TV and movie special effects or become an international model.

42) Kari Schull, South Dakota

17-year-old Kari is a graduate of "Eagle U" Leadership & Success Seminar. She has been on the Honor Roll for two years. Kari would also like to become a model.

43) Macy Paterese Erwin, Tennessee

17-year-old Macy has been inducted into the National Beta, been voted the most self-disiplined student in her academy, and has been invited to Sessions of Congress in Washington D.C., as a result of extraordinary academic achievement. She wants to be a Cover Girl model and be the star on NBC's Passions soap opera.

Sommer Easton Isdale, Texas Miss Teen USA 2007
44) Sommer Easton Isdale, Texas

16-year-old Sommer is on the National Society of High School Scholars, and won the President's Education Award. She wants to become a fashion
designer and start her own clothing line.

45) Kelsey Brigel, Utah

17-year-old Kelsey has won the Skidmore College Book Award and was appointed to the National Junior Leadership Conference by Juan Diego High
School administration and staff. She would love to star as Kelsey Brigel on The Today Show, or be a delivery room doctor.

46) Olivia Hubbard, Vermont

17-year-old Olivia received Academic High Honors, Bertha Davidson Consumer Sciences Award, and Creative Writing Honorable Mention. Her dream is to be a pediatrician or a pediatric dentist to help ease the pain and suffering of all children in this world.

47) Emily Bruce, Virginia

17-year-old Emily was invited to throw the first pitch at a Lynchburg City baseball game. She has also participated in Lynchburg and Ronoake Christmas Parades. Emily would like to host E! News.

48) Shalane Larango, Washington

18-year-old Shalane was "Student of the Month" honoring scholarship potential, and has won the Hollywood Dupree Dance 2006 Tap Scholarship in 2007. She would love to become Miss Teen USA 2007.

49) Chelsea Welch, West Virginia

16-year-old Chelsea ranked 1st in class academically, and held 2nd place at state level in Envirothon Team. She wants to become a Disney Imagineer.

50) Shauna Angel Sabir, Wisconsin

17-year-old Shauna was on the Honor Roll for four years, and received the White Cord for having over a 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average. She wants to become a salon owner.

51) Mollie Smith, Wyoming

17-year-old Mollie is an Outstanding English Student and has won the Presidential Academic Award. Her dream job would be to make money pursuing her passion - singing.





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