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Mumbai man behind Malegaon blasts

Al Badr man, trained in Pakistan, assembled bombs in Malegaon.

November 3, 2006

Malegaonís black day was masterminded by a Mumbai-based man who was trained by Al Badr, an outfit run by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

According to sources in the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), the explosives that were used for the blasts in Malegaon, Maharashtra on September 8, 2006 were assembled at a godown in Malegaon by this man. 

An ATS team which is probing the incident which took the lives of 38 people, said that more than a dozen people from Malegaon, who are suspected to have links with the blasts, are being closely watched. Though the cops have not yet confirmed whether the explosion was triggered by Al Badr or LeT, they said that investigations are on to find out from where the accused got the RDX used in all the four bombs and who had smuggled it. Over 300 people were also injured in the four blasts that rocked the communally sensitive town. 

There are also indications of some Pakistani nationals being involved in the explosions. The Mumbai-based man had undergone bomb-making training in Pakistan and is suspected to have reached Malegaon in the first week of September, stayed there for a couple of days. He then returned to Mumbai after assembling the bombs, ATS sources clarified. 

The cops believe that the blasts were executed with the sole aim of creating communal tension in the textile town of Malegaon. 

Meanwhile, the additional sessions court had on Wednesday granted permission to the ATS to conduct a narco-analysis test on Raees Ahmed, who has been charged with causing a bomb hoax a few days after the Malegaon serial blasts.


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