Names that make you successful, attractive and lucky

29 March, 2008

Certainly, there seems to be something in a name, according to the finding of a recent research conducted by a controversial professor of psychology.

Professor Richard Wiseman, magician-turned-psychology professor, affirms that “certain sounds in a name or links with royalty can make people seem more successful, lucky or attractive,” the website reports.

Richard Wiseman is Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, the United Kingdom. He started his professional life as a magician, before graduating in psychology from University College London and obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Wiseman is known for his critical examination and frequent debunking of unusual phenomena, including reports of paranormal phenomena. His research has been published in a number of academic journals, reported at various conferences, and featured on television. In 2004, he took part in a preliminary test of Natasha Demkina, a young Russian woman who claims to have a special vision that allows her to see inside of people’s bodies and diagnose illnesses. The test was featured in Discovery Channel’s documentary titled The Girl with X-Ray Eyes.

Professor Wiseman and colleagues polled over 6,000 people to determine their perception of certain names, as part of a study in connection with the launching of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Scotland, being held from March 25 to April 5, 2008.

Some of the findings are:

  • People called James and Elizabeth are seen as the most successful.
  • Jack and Lucy the luckiest, and Sophie and Ryan the most attractive.
  • Lisa and Brian are the most likely to fail.
  • Helen and John are the unluckiest.
  • Ann and George are the least attractive.

Professor Wiseman was quoted as saying: “Traditional names with royal associations are viewed as highly successful and intelligent. Attractive female names tended to be soft-sounding and end with the ‘ee’ sound, whereas the sexiest males names are short and much harder sounding.”

During the study, Wiseman and his team gave 6,686 people a list of 10 male names and 10 female names and asked them to rank the names in terms of success, attractiveness and luck.

The team also analysed some unusual names which celebrities have given their children and came to the conclusion that strange names such as Princess Tiàamii or Peaches might have actually done the children good.

A few examples in this category are:

Princess Tiàamii, daughter of pop singer-songwriter and television personality Peter Andre and model Jordan, should have a lucky life because her name has royal associations and ends with a double ‘e’ sound.

Peaches Geldof, second child of Irish singer, songwriter, actor and political activist Bob Geldof and the late British television presenter and writer Paul Yates, has a soft-sounding name with positive connotations that makes it attractive.

Kal-el, son of Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage, has a short, hard-sounding name, which is also the original moniker of Superman, making it sexy and attractive.




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