Loch Ness Monster elephant theoryLoch Ness monster a swimming elephant?

Neil Clark, a museum curator, says that the famous Loch Ness monster was a swimming elephant.

March 9, 2006


Could it be possible? For those of you who have seen that famous photo of the Loch Ness monster with hump or two and a raised trunk-like appendage, that's exactly what a swimming elephant looks like.

Neil Clark is the curator of paleontology at the Hunterian Museum in Glascow, and he believes so. 

Clark's theory of the elephant-Loch Ness monster is published in the journal of the Open University Geological Society.

Loch Ness monster an Indian elephant?

He says it has to be an Indian elephant. Then the humps and the raised trunk fit the theory well.

Swimming elephant monster!During the period of the Loch Ness monster sightings, it seems that a traveling circus of elephants passed the lake by. Most probably, Neil Clark says that the elephants (or an elephant) were taken for a swim in the lake. For those who had never seen such a sight before, it would truly have been strange. 

Bertram Mills, the owner of a circus which incidentally passed the way of the Loch Ness on their way to nearby Inverness, had offered a su of 20,000 pounds to capture the monster for his circus. neil Clark says that he probably made the offer knowing that the Loch Ness monster would never be captured, perhaps he was the only who knew the truth of the monster.

At Loch Ness, people are not so easily willing to believe the new theory - after they have heard every kind of theory about the Loch Ness monster so far - that it is a swimming elephant is just another theory for them. 

Neil Clark acknowledges that the several reported sightings of the monster in the future cannot be explained by his elephant-monster theory. However, one can imagine how someone gets fooled by a swimming elephant, captures it on photo, and someone else pulls off a nice trick on the people. 

Coming from a country where many people actually 'saw' ganesh statues drinking milk accl across the metropolitan city of Mumbai in India, it is easy for this writer to believe in the 'Loch Ness monster is an elephant' theory. But then, who knows?



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