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LIFW 2006

Cop walk at LIFW 2006

Mumbai cops have a good time at LIFW watching models, implementing code of conduct.

November 3, 2006

With wardrobe malfunctions becoming the order of the day on the ramps, the police are on a heightened vigil. The Lakme Fashion Week which is currently on in Mumbai has some unexpected guests plainclothes policemen.

All the moves of models on the ramp as well as the designers are on watch by the cops. It all started with the wardrobe malfunction episode that unzipped during the Fashion Week held last March. The incident had triggered a police case and a court petition then. Vulgarity in fashion shows became a strict no-no from then on. Police even launched an investigation into the incident, but concluded that the clothes had come undone by accident.

With a huge public uproar spurring action and vigil, the Mumbai police have this time decided to let nothing of that sort happen again. Rules have been made more stringent. The organizers have been made to prepare storyboards of shows and show them to the cops. Besides, pictures after each change are taken and the models are made to walk in the fittings to make sure nothing goes wrong. 

A strict code of conduct has been put in place too with designers being asked to list not only the clothes they are to display, but even the material it will be made of and details of the people who will dress the models.

Cops present at the venue are scanning the ramps and observing models.

Further, police have asked the organizer and designers to ensure that models wear nipple tape so that they don't show through flimsy dresses, and that lights be switched off if clothes come off. The police have also warned that have the right to cancel a show if their guidelines were violated.


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