Life Positive Expo 2007

18 September, 2007
New Delhi, India

Tired of battling a stressful life that leaves you no time to nourish your soul? If you are looking for fresh inspiration and want to take stock of your life, you may want to try out the Life Positive Expo 2007.

The expo organized by Life Positive magazine brings you discourses, spiritual workshops, panel discussions on practical day-to-day problems, and spiritual products such as healing crystals, spiritual books, seeker robes, and so on.

The Expo will also bring you tarot readings, dry massages, face reading, palm reading, astrology by World Phone India, numerology, sky yoga, crystal healing, reiki, relationship counseling, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), for free.

Expo will be held from September 21 - 23, 2007 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Here is a look at the programs that the Life Positive Expo brings you.

September 21: Day 1

Discourse: Pujya Swami SukhAbodhananda on living the Life Positive.

Workshop 1: Hypnosis by Pradeep Aggarwal

Pradeep Aggarwal is one of the best known and most popular hypnotherapists in the country, as well as an NLP expert. His highly interactive and enjoyable workshop will be laced with practical demonstrations and learning sessions on how to connect to your subconscious mind, and command it to listen to your wish. You can also learn to master your phobias and addictions.

Panel discussion: How much control do we have over our health?

Workshop 2: Create your own reality by Anuradha Ramesh

Anuradha Ramesh is founder of the Hyderabad-based centre, Heal and Light Academy. Through guided meditations and exercises she will help you to expand your consciousness and meet your Higher Self, thus empowering you to be, have, or do everything that you have ever wanted. Once the true potential of the soul is understood, one becomes free from guilt, limiting beliefs, and wears with ease the crown of a 'creator.'

September 22: Day 2

Discourse by Pujya Swami Chidananda saraswati on Everyday Spirituality.

Workshop 1: The science of meditation by Shri Brahamrshi Patri Brahmarshi Subhash Patri, the founder of The Pyramid Spiritual Societies, Hyderabad, will introduce the anapanasati meditation, a powerful Buddhist technique that requires the practitioner to focus with increasing subtlety on the breathing.

He will also lead a meditation session that will enable you to personally experience the benefits of meditation and clear any misconceptions.

Panel discussion: Do we need a guru?

Workshop 2: Acupressure by Ketan Shah

Ketan Shah is a master acupressure practitioner who, has healed patients suffering from Parkinson's to cancer. His passion is to empower each person to take responsibility for his own health. His workshop will teach you how to combat everyday malaises such as constipation, sleeplessness or poor memory, and will also give you treatments on the spot for minor afflictions.

September 23: day 3

Workshop 1: Empowerment workshop by Shiv Khera

In this workshop, Shiv Khera, will help you understand what winning entails. Winners see the potential, losers see the past; winners see the gain, losers see the pain. Through experiential processes, he will encourage cultivating winning attitudes, and help you build faith in yourself.

Workshop 2: Develop your personality through tantra by VSP Tenneti

In this unique and profoundly enriching workshop, VSP Tenneti unveils the ancient wisdom of tantra as a means to help you experience prosperity, peace, and harmony in life. Healing techniques through nadi yoga, internal cleansing through meditation, mind channeling through powerful nadiyogam technique, and gemstone charming are some of the invaluable skills you will learn there.

The Expo will be rounded off by Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Honíble Chief Minister of Delhi, presenting The Life Positive reader award and a Jugalbandi by carnatic vocalist Govindraj Elangovan, and Punjabi sufi singer Rekha Raj.

For registration and enquiries contact:

Vijay Dhiman (Delhi) Ph. 91-9873725110

Sanjeev Bhakhri Ph. 9810800280, 91-11-26372301, or

Issac Chettiar (Mumbai)

Ph: 91-22-23002576/6737, 9820680902







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