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Sex racket drives girl to suicide in Kerala

Yet another addition to Kerala's sex racket cases.

October 31, 2006

Sex racket cases never seem to fade away in Kerala. Young girls, lured by the world of television serial and the fast buck, ensure headlines thanks to the ever increasing sex abuse cases. The case of M Sandhya, from Idukki district, is the latest in the continuing series of sex abuse deaths. 

Lured by the glamour world of television serials, 17-year-old M Sandhya finally had to end her life after being abused by a sex racket. The conscience of Kerala was shocked when the girl from Adimaly in Idukki district ended her life on Sunday. 

The girl had been going through tough times due to mental stress ever since she was taken into custody by the police from Thrissur on October 22. Trouble started when she , who was working as a home nurse, was lured to act in TV serials by a person named Srikanth from her own place. She, who got introduced to Urulel Sajeesh, who masqueraded as a film producer, was forced to stay with him at a lodge in Thiruvananthapuram, later realized that Sajeesh had cheated her. Abandoned by Sajeesh, Sandhya got in touch with a woman from Thrissur and stayed with her. 

Following complaints from her mother that Sandhya was missing, police were trying to track her. Investigations led to the arrest of Srikanth. Finding that Sandhya had contacted Srikanth on his cellphone, the police zeroed in on her whereabouts and trace her at Thrissur. 

Further probe followed and Sandhya deposed before the First Class Judicial Magistrate at Adimaly saying that Sajeesh had promised to marry her and sexually exploited her. The police had by then found that Sajeesh, who had introduced himself as a bachelor, had a wife and a child. 

Disgraced and unable to face the public eye, the girl ended her life when her mother and grandmother were away on Sunday. Her relatives who found the door of the house locked from inside broke open to find her hanging from the ceiling. Though she was rushed to the hospital, they could not save her life.


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