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Coming soon: Kalam as teacher

A P J Abdul Kalam wants to try his hand at teaching.

October 17 2006

What will a head of state do when he is out of job? Let alone others, A P J Abdul Kalam wants to try his hand at teaching. And, guess who all are going to be his students.

President Kalam, on completion of his term in Rashtrapati Bhawan next year, might teach drop-outs and failed students at a school set up by social activist Anna Hazare. He would also lecture at Anna University in Chennai.

Reports quoting the President said that he loves to teach after relinquishing the post of President. He in fact may not go for a a second term.

Hinting towards hs ambition to get into the noblest profession, Kalam even told Hazarethat he was waiting for an opportunity to visit the school for drop outs in Ahmednagar. Hazare’s high school at Ralegaon Siddhi in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district has only drop-outs, failures and wayward students.

The school is from standard V to XII. Only those students who have failed and are drop-outs and wayward normally qualify for admissions here", according to Anna Hazare. The curriculum is so unique in the way that once admitted, the students are made to believe in themselves. This in turn helps them undergo a process of transformation.

With friend, philosopher and scientist Abdul Kalam all set to lecture his beliefs and thoughts, there is no way that a wayward student wouldn’t want to learn of all the good things in life.


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