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Holi ke peeche kya he?

Our friend from Dilli is liking Holi a lot. Not without reason. It is truly beyond class and caste. For unabashed enjoyment. Beyond compare.

Those who feel otherwise,  read a counter-view here




Dear Mathew,

Happy Holi hai ji.

These days, I am facing a lot of problems with family. My family is highly educated and she is carrying a Master Degree in English Literature. I am only having a 2nd Division science bachelor. 

My family is carrying a lot of Victorian morality. That is because of the fat Classical novels that she is reading all the time. People who are reading a lot of Victorian novel and also carrying the Victorian morality of the middle class, they are finding very difficult to like Hindustani festivals. 

My family is liking some Indian festivals which are not making noise, and making people do only fasting and starving. But I am liking fun, eating and drinking festival. I am liking Holi a lot. 

She was saying it is hooligan festival. She was also making a very philosophical and intellectual comments about how this festival is not having any goodness. Also mentioning how it is very dangerous. In the argument, I had to be intelligent also. So I was mentioning why I am liking Holi a lot. 

I think Holi is the only Indian (Hindu) festival which is not having ‘Class’ written all over it. My angrez friends (real angrez friends, not NRIs) from abroad are always telling me that India is a very class-conscious society. They are saying rightly. One Hindu festival which is actually personifying the class and status consciousness of Indians is Diwali. Holi is just opposite. 

I was telling my family that it is great if you and me, after playing Holi - look the same as my rickshaw-walla and his family. That is great, even if that thing happening for only one day in a year.

Holi is a festival which is making everyone looking and even behaving the same way. Holi is a community festival, it is not a ‘family’ festival like Diwali. I am totally convinced that if one is not having any friends, one is the saddest person on Earth. One who is not having any friends to play Holi with, is also a very sad person. That is why a lot of people are disliking Holi, because they are not having friends. They are having only colleagues and jaan-pahchaan. 

My family was also saying that she is finding Holi very ‘cheap’. She is right. Holi very cheap – in fact you can celebrate Holi free of cost. Even colors can be borrowed or taken (forcefully) from your opponent. You do not have to buy anything. You are not even having to buy clothes. You are not expected to buy gifts for anybody. All you are expected to do is visit your friend, apply a lot of colour on them, make a lot of ho-halla, talk a lot and loudly, eat some sweets, drink some alcohol or bhang, sing and dance. And after that, you increase your group size, and attack the next target. 

Just because some people are making dirty colour with paint, grease, and petrol does not mean we will forget the spirit of Holi. 

Holi tells you that life is full of fun, play and enjoyment. All you need is to open up and go ahead, embrace the world. Holi says ‘yes’ to life. 

Your true friend,

Vikas Tripathi

P.S. Please convey my regards to Prajai ji and also inform her that I will apply some gulal on her when she will meet me. Holi is being a dewar-bhabhi festival.


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