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Greg Chappell's middle finger

...and how we wish some others followed his example

28th November, 2005
Greg Chappel's middle finger to Sourav Ganguly's cricket fans in Kolkata at Eden Gardens has triggered a storm. Is showing the middle finger (see illustration) part of our Indian culture? Or is it part of a wave of westernisation threatening to sweep India? I don't know, since I slept through my history classes. However, I can think of some instances where the protagonist could make creative use of his/her middle finger to get the point across. Here is the Top Ten:

1. South Africa's middle finger: To India, on winning the Eden ODI with India hands down.

2. Ganguly's middle finger: To cricket fans, when Greg Chappell said the issue with Ganguly was sorted out.

3. Khushboo's middle finger: to activists, when they attempted to force her to retract her premarital-sex statement.

4. Narayan Rane's middle finger: to Bal Thackeray, when he was sacked from Shiv Sena.

5. Raj Thackeray's middle finger: To Sena, following years of being sidelined.

6. Nitish Kumar's middle finger: to UPA government after his triumphant ascent to power.

7. George Bush's middle finger: To human rights activists who bang their heads for justice to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and CIA secret jails.

8. ISI's middle finger: to Indian and international law, on covertly shielding Dawood Ibrahim.

9. Salman Khan's middle finger: to media, after the so-called Salman tapes were proved fake.

10. Paul Volcker's middle finger: To Natwar Singh and Congress, over the threat to issue legal notice to UN.


(It is not our case that many of the above would ever think of using their middle finger to such use. But we guess it would effectively put the point across - Editor.)


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