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Fetal Attraction launch at Crossword Mumbai

Mumbai, November 29, 2005:

Customers at Crossword were witness to the launch of renowned Gynaecologists-Dr Duru Shah's and Dr Safala Shroff's book 'Fetal Attraction: Everything Indian Parents-To-Be Need to Know about Pregnancy and Childbirth', a comprehensive one-stop guidebook in pregnancy by fitness expert, Ms Nawaz Modi Singhania. Mr. Ivor Vaz, Editor (supplements) Indian Express stylised the content. The launch was followed by a discussion with Dr Duru Shah and Dr Safala Shroff and Ms. Nawaz Modi Singhania on Pregnancy and childbirth.

In today's cyber era, there is an overabundance of information to be found in magazines, newsletters, on TV and the Internet. Needless to add, there are over a dozen excellent handbooks available on the subject. It's problematical enough for a woman to sift through a mountain of information and decide for herself what's useful and what's not. Worse still, more often than not, foreign books have applicability to foreign people. Consequently, we Indians are left investigating in the dark at a time when we need the best advice we can possibly get.

Fetal Attraction: Everything Indian Parents-To-Be Need to Know about Pregnancy and Childbirth, a comprehensive one-stop guidebook in pregnancy was launched to meet this requirement.

Fetal Attraction starts in the preconception period, and then leads through pregnancy and prenatal care, labour, delivery, and the postpartum period. The main body of the book courses through the three trimesters in great depth, also covering various aspects likes physical changes, diet, check ups etc. Breastfeeding is discussed in detail in a whole chapter and the book also answers the most frequently asked questions before, during, and after pregnancy. All things considered, the heart of Fetal Attraction pulsates around the phases and stages a woman goes through when she is having a baby.

Fetal Attraction prepares the Indian woman for the most thrilling and fulfilling time of her life. Armed with this book, she can work with her doctor to become an active participant in what is unquestionably the most important and exciting event of one's life. Scores of expectant mothers and over-expectant fathers shoot questions relevant to the Indian context and this book addresses the lacuna there was in the availability of such a manuscript.

Myths, superstitions and traditions, which are distinctive to only our country, are deeply weeded in the roots of our ethos. Hence the exclusive parts of the book are chapters such as, 'It Happens Only In India', 'Daddy's Briefcase', 'In-laws and Out-Laws' make this book only one of its kind!! It reflects the Indian aspect of pregnancy and child birth that is different from the western practices.

Published by Jaico Publishing House, the book is modestly priced at Rs 195/- so that it reaches each and every pregnant woman in India.

Dr Duru Shah is a renowned gynaecologist and infertility specialist. She is also the President-elect of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India [FOGSI]. Dr Safala Shroff is also a renowned gynaecologist and childbirth educator. Mr. Ivor Vaz who is the Editor (supplements) Indian Express has stylised the content for the book.

Crossword is India's leading bookstore chain, which has pioneered the lifestyle bookstore concept in India. Its innovative approach to book retailing and its achievements have received wide acclaim in India and has won the 'Images Retailer of the Year award for the books, music and gifts category for 2005'. Businessworld rated it as the '5th Most Respected Retailer in the country' for the year 2004; the only bookstore to feature in the top ten. Launched in 1992, Crossword currently has 30 stores across 9 cities in the country in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune & Vadodara. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Shoppers' Stop Limited - India's leading department store chain (promoted by K. Raheja Corp.).


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