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Elizabeth Hurley Arun Nayar wedding

Media frenzy picks up slowly as Liz Hurley Arun Nayar wedding plans crystalise.

January 6, 2007

The Liz Hurley-Arun Nayar wedding is likely to see the British celebrity decked up in a pink saree worth 4000 pounds, media reports said. Actor Hugh Grant has been asked to be the best man at the Liz Hurley wedding, which likely to be held in India. A virtual army of celebrities, actors, actresses and their paraphernalia are expected to descend in India for the wedding. The final date has not been fixed, but is expected to be held in early March 2007. Elizabeth 'Liz' Hurley was earlier in a relationship with Hugh Grant.

Liz Hurley has gone on quote saying that she cannot wait for the Arun Nayar wedding. She has also said that she cannot wait to have a baby with him. Liz Hurley, the stunning actress of Bedazzled, is likely to marry first at the Barnsley House hotel near her Gloucestershire home, said a report in Times of India. The report did not say where it got the Hurley-Nayar wedding info. There are no photos of the wedding clothes yet.

Tabloids and mainstream media in India are agog with news, photos and pictures of the celebrity duo. Aftre their British wedding, Liz Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar are expected to have a traditional Indian style wedding in India's Rajastan state. High-profile Rajastan marriages are known for their opulence and extravagance.

According to Times of India, Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley are believed to have their hearts set on the Devigarh palace in Rajastan.

The newspaper did not reveal where it got the information about the pink silk wedding dress reportedly being purchased by Liz Hurley for the upcoming wedding.

Renowned Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani has created the wedding costume, the news report said.

Liz Hurley's decade-old relationship with Hugh Grant ended after he was once found with a prostitute. Liz had a relationship with American producer Steve Bing for a while, and had his child. Shortly after the child was born, she found Indian businessman Arun Nayar and decided that this is the man for her. Bing refused Hurley's claim that the child was his; however, a DNA test revealed that he was the biological father. The boy was baptised as a Roman Catholic. He was named Damian Charles Hurley. Damian's presence at the wedding is sure to rekindle memories of another similar high-wattage wedding a couple of years back, when Prince Charles got married in a church ceremony.

Earlier, there were rumors that Versace will be desgining the wedding dress for the Nayar-Hurley wedding. Reportedly, Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar have hired the servies of professional wedding planner to take care of the logistics.
Last month, Liz Hurley was spotted at Ensemble at Lion's Gate, where she was seen trying out Sarees with the help of Arun Nayar's mother Gunar. Reports then said that she has already purchased her pink sari from the shop. But there has been no confirmation yet on whether it was to be her wedding trousseau.

This is busy season for Elizabeth Hurley, who is in the middle of launching a swimwear range. The Liz Hurley swimwear range is expected to be launched in February, so that she gets enough time to prepare for the marriage.

British media reported last month that Liz Hurley has already gone on a dieting regime to shape up before the marriage. UK's Daily Express newspaper quoted Liz Hurley: "I've decided to go on a health regime because I'm getting married. Arun Nayar and I decided that, when we marry, we want to be really fit and healthy. I am going to do three sessions of exercise a week and ensure that I'm eating a low-fat diet with plenty of natural vitamins. Over the next four months we will transform into a glowing god and goddess!"

Earlier, Liz Hurley is reputed to have survived on a diet of cabbages for three months to lose weight. The 41-year old actress of Austin Powers and Bedazzled has reputation for going on crash diets and tough routines to get into shape.
Indian textile businessman with a German background, Arun Nayar has been attached to Liz Hurley since 2003. Earlier, a tentative date of March 3 was set for the grand wedding, expected to be graced with icons of Indian heritage like camels and elephants. The wedding is likely to be in Vedic style, bedecked with flowers and mantras.

Liz Hurley's relationships across the years have the subject of much gossip. Liz still retains a cordial relationship with her former beau Hugh Grant, who is the godfather of Damian Charles Hurley. Hugh Grant is currently dating Jemima Khan, ex-wife of Imran Khan. Hurley is good friends with Jemima Khan too.

Some of Liz Hurley's recent movies include Method (2004), Serving Sara (2002), Bad Boy (2002), Double Whammy (2001),
Bedazzled (2000), The Weight of Water (2000), and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999). Her upcoming movie is The Cleaner (2007), expected to be released this year.

Arun Nayar, of Indo-German descent, is the son of Vinod Nayar, a businessman from Bombay. After his parents separated, Arun Nayar was brought up by his mother in Bombay before he left for Germany. He has grown up on wealthy and extravagant lifestyle, just like his brother Nikhil Nayar. The Nayar brothers also have an IT company under the name Directions Software Solution. Arun Nayar also owns properties in Bombay's St James Court.

Arun Nayar was married to Italian blonde model Valentina Pedroni, from whom he had a violent divorce later to make space for Liz Hurley in his life. They had settled down in Bombay after the wedding, but the marriage was soon in the doldrums. Nayar moved family court and secured divorce before getting engaged to Liz Hurley.

Last month, Liz Hurley was in Rajastan's Udaipur, where she shot for her swimwear range "Elizabeth Hurley Beach" at several picturesque locales in the month. The program was on for three days. Among prominent locations for "Elizabeth Hurley Beach" were Oberoi's Udaivilas hotel andheritage hotel Devigarh Fort. Liz also did some shopping for traditional Rajasthani ghaghra (skirt) and a choli (blouse).


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