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Dance bars or discs?

Dancewithshadows debunks the dumb logic by defenders of dance bars that they function the same way as pubs and discos.

October 14, 2005:

In the recent controversy in Maharashtra over the ban on dance bars, there has been a pertinent question: Why close dance bars alone? Why not pubs too? It's both dancing na?

For those who are unfamiliar with the works, here is a 20-point ready reckoner which will help you through the dim lights:


* Pubs: You go with your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife.
* Dance bars: Only guys go. They go with other guys. They dont have girls with them. Which is why they go there to gawk at girls.


* Pub-hoppers dont throw money on their girl-friends or boyfriends
* Dance bar-ons shower money on pathetic dancers. This is a way of asserting male superiority.


* Pubs are for the upmarket
* Dance bars are for the hoi-polloi


* Women wear mini-skirts, jeans and shorts at pubs
* Women at dance bars wear cholis, saris, long skirts, dupattas etc


* Pub dancers dont threaten to go into prostitution if the pubs are shut.

* Dance bar girls threaten to go into prostitution if the dance bars are shut.


* You pay with credit cards at a pub
* Only cash transactions at dance bars, always


* Pubs and discs play (mostly) English music
* Dance bars blare out Hindi film songs


* Girls want guys to take them to pubs
* Girls dont want guys to take them to dance bars


* Couple entry mandatory in most pubs
* Not mandatory at dance bars


* You speak English at a pub
* You speak Hindi/Marathi/local language at a dance bar


* In a pub, you spend money on food, drinks
* In a dance bar, you spend money on the women


* Pubs have skilled DJs who play select music.
* Dance bars mostly dont have any DJs


* Pubs dont have retiring rooms to take your girlfriend/boyfriend after dance.
* Many dance bars have. Many that dont have, arrange for lodging outside with your one-night stand


* Pubs see more activity towards weekends.
* Dance bars are alive through the week


* At a pub, you strike up conversations with others from the opposite sex.
* In a dance bar, for the same, you press some currency notes on to her hand


* Girls at pubs are not demure - they dont pretend to be either
* Girls are dance bars are not demure - but they pretend to be so


* You don't feel ashamed if your parents catch you before a pub
* You want to run if they spot you near a dance bar


* Those who dance at pubs do not have a problem if their children too dance at pubs later. This is because pub-going is seen as normal growing-up behaviour.
* Those who dance at dance bars would rather not let their children come into the same profession, since they think it is demeaning, despite arguments to the contrary.


* Journalists hate pubs.
* Journalists love dance bars


* Pubs are located in cities. There have not been any complaints from cities that pubs are corrupting youth

* Dance bars are everywhere, including rural areas. There have been complaints from interior Maharashtra that dance bars do corrupt youth.



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