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Queen Camilla is very much likely


March 22: Upon death of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles' ascension as the King of England, Camilla Parker Bowles, due to get married to her long-time princely boyfriend will become the Queen of England. She will also become the Queen of Australia, New Zealand and Canada and of several other Commonwealth countries where the title of British Queen is still in place.

The British monarchy is one of the longest-standing royal institutions of modern times, successfully surviving Britain's transition to democracy and two World Wars. And the British people still retain their fascination for the monarchy, constantly fed royal fodder by the tabloid and mainstream media.

It will require legal changes in 17 countries to prevent Camilla Parker Bowles from becoming Queen, which seems highly unlikely.

Prince Charles's office Clarence House had earlier announced that Camilla Parker Bowles will earn the title Duchess of Cornwall after her wedding to Prince Charles, and intends to take the title Princess Consort, when the Prince accedes the throne.

But the government stand seems to be different. A Labour party MP on Wednesday raised a question in the British Parliament whether the Prince Charles-Camilla Parker Bowles wedding will be a morganatic one - one in which the wife will not have the title of Queen. The answer to question was "no."

Labor MP Andrew McKinlay had earlier accused the Prince of Wales of being "less than frank with the country" over his upcoming marriage to Camilla.


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