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Charles-Camilla wedding souvenirs


March 24: As the royal wedding nears, Britain sees a fascination for souvenirs of the royal wedding. The Royal Collection has issued two bone china tankards to mark the wedding ceremony. Raise a toast to the royal couple!

The pieces which come for 20 each, go on sale from March 26 at royal residences like Windsor and Buckingham Palace. The pieces are decorated with 22 carat gold, bearing the names of Camilla and Charles, with the wedding date inscribed on it. These hand-made pieces also feature Camilla's personal motif, two intertwined letter Cs, below the feather of the heir apparent.

Alongside, there are also unofficial wedding mementos out in the street. Commemorative keyrings to "Charles and Camilla" tea-towels and flags are displayed in several shops.


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Charles weds Camilla - at last!

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Charles-Camilla wedding souvenirs
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