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Prince Charles to wed Camilla Parker Bowles


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Finally, itís final. Britainís Prince Charles is to marry his partner Camilla Parker Bowles.

This was announced by the Princeís office on Thursday.

Clarence House didnít give details of the Prince Charles-Camilla Parket Bowles wedding, but Sky News TV reported that the heir to the throne would marry on April six.
Prince Charles was married to Princess Diana, before she died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. She was divorced from Charles when she died.

The marriage has become a sensitive issue because Camilla Parker Bowles is divorced and her former husband is very much alive. Prince Charles would be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England if he took the throne, and there is still opposition among some Anglicans to divorcees marrying again.

The Church is officially neutral on the issue, but former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey had recently urged the couple to marry.

Last year, a poll signalled that more British people support Prince Charles marrying Camilla Parker Bowles than oppose it. 


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Charles weds Camilla - at last!

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