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32 perish in Baghdad cargo plane crash

January 10, 2007

Inclement weather and heavy fog have led to the crash of a cargo plane carrying Turkish workers near Baghdad. The crash occurred when it was attempting to land. As many as 32 people have been killed.

While one of the passengers was reported to be badly injured, the whereabouts of two others are still not known, said sources quoting Turkish officials.

The mishap happened when the plane was trying to land at the US military base at Balad, 84 km north of Baghdad, according to news reports. Though earlier the crash was suspected to be near Baghdad, reprts that trickled in confirmed that that plane went down at Balad.

According to a report the Russian-made Antonov-26 plane which had left the Turkey's southern city of Adana, was carrying construction workers from Kulak Construction Co in Adana. The company's owner was among the dead, added reports.

Among the 35 passengers on board were 29 Turks, one American, and a a crew of five. The pilot had aborted an initial landing attempt for an unknown reason, then crashed on a second attempt, said reports reaching here.


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32 perish in Baghdad cargo plane crash

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