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10 April 2008

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Broken hearts kill men easy

Binge drinking teens prone to memory loss

Britain faces malaria, cancer risk due to climate change

Real estate sector in India faces slowdown

Volvo Ocean Race stopover at Kochi

Self-talk good for pre-schoolers

Eight glasses of water a day too much

Famous Indian psychiatrist banned in UK

China says Tibetan suicide attacks planned to sabotage Olympics

You can learn to be loving and kind

Bullies have troubled relationships with parents, friends

UK Teens prefer to read celebrity news, song lyrics to books

Names that make you successful, attractive and lucky

Video games to get cigarette-style warnings in the UK

Viagra keeps 2-year-old boy alive

Rare pygmy hippos sighted in Liberia

Blood & Iron wins Kingfisher Kerala Rocks 2008

Light exercise can beat tiredness

Harry Potter is as addictive as drugs

28% Americans switch faiths or quit religion

Zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city planned in Abu Dhabi

Teens who watch TV wrestling show more risky behavior

Bird flu scare resurfaces

Indian couple in US face 20-year jail for torturing maids

Heavy Digging tears up space time continuum

Climate change could lead to wars worldwide

Toys with loud noise can harm kids’ hearing

Too much sugar leads to brain disorder

Scientists find way to check insect population biologically

Indians in UK travel to India to abort female fetuses

Napping better than coffee for young sleepy drivers

Working in night shifts raises cancer risk

Sudan pardons jailed British teacher

Lifestyle changes can help US cut greenhouse gases

Global warming may lead to eco-migration

Men in routine jobs die earlier than CEOs of big firms

British doctor alleges anti-white bias

Oil spill on Russia’s coast may damage ecology

Swiss mercy killing group operates in parked cars

Why some cope with stress better than others

Global warming hits kids more than adults

Britons fattest in Europe, drink more alcohol

Gay sex still illegal in Singapore, oral and anal sex allowed to heterosexuals

Carbon dioxide emissions mount at startling rate

Malaysia to make public names of sex offenders

New York State plans to give illegal immigrants driver’s license

Human activity to blame for global changes in rainfall

Colour of skin influences patient care in US

China stops SARS doctor Jiang Yanyong from US trip

South Africa’s environment deteriorating

Couples tie the knot on 7-7-07 hoping it will bring them luck

Urbanisation hasn’t undermined importance of religion

Goodbye Goa; it was good while it lasted

Nomophobia is fear of losing mobiles

What makes short men and women jealous

2008 Beijing Olympics security in control says China

Happiness is in the genes

Canadian seniors not ready for old age

Mukesh Ambani, Vijay Mallya, Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta among IPL team bid winners

Why short people live longer

Warren Buffet tops Forbes' richest list

Most Americans are sleep deprived

Why you should not be mad when wounded

Mobile phones don't cause brain cancer

Smoking leads to sleep disorders

Biofuel makes emissions worse

Hepatitis A virus at Canadian ski resort

Gout in men linked to sugary soft drinks

Atlanta charismatic church leader in sex scandal

Why you must talk to stay sharp

UK launches campaign to cut food wastage

Genetic modification makes hermaphrodites fond of same sex

Humanity’s survival at risk, warns UN environment report

Joseph Estrada, ex-President of Philippines, granted pardon

Two co-defendants to testify against OJ Simpson

Britons are world’s biggest emitters of carbon from air travel

North India preparing for war against Tamil Nadu!

The perils of fashion!

Vampire arrested for stealing, drinking blood

Teens in part-time jobs start smoking early

Aged patients ill-treated in UK hospitals

DNA barcodes for plants and animals

Life Positive Expo 2007

Chandigarh's Condom Bar is a smash hit

Estrada, ex-President of Philippines, gets 40-year jail for plunder

Indian Idol 3 Winner: Amit Paul or Prashant Tamang?

Pepsi G2 low calorie Gatorade launched

The life of a Delhi Driver

Japan remembers Hiroshima nuclear holocaust

Crucial breakthrough in sex-specific behavior

China struggles to curb air pollution ahead of Olympics

Polluted haze over Indian Ocean may speed up Himalayan glacier melting

Emails cause great stress for office workers

Branding and packaging influence kids in a big way

Compulsory population control mooted to avoid eco-disaster

Canada is ageing, thanks to baby boomers

al-Qaida intends to attack major targets in US

Kerala govt does little as viral fever, deaths continue

Bah! Taj

Live Earth or lined pockets?

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Washington Accord prop for Indian education

Air travel not a major polluter, say UK pilots

Court says Bachchan no farmer

In defense of Dys-language

New study shows why boys perform better than girls at math

Commuters in UK travel 2.5 times around the world

British fashion industry investigates ‘size-zero’ models

Delhi likely to be leading fashion hub

Ratan Tata's F-16 flight on Feb 8

65 missing as crowded boat capsizes in Krishna river

Obscene video impersonating Mahatma Gandhi on Youtube sparks widespread outrage

Steve Irwin crocodile park in Kerala

SC upholds ban on interview for nursery admission.

Justice K G Balakrishnan is India's first dalit Chief Justice

Lalu Prasad Yadav to teach Harvard undergraduates

Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards abuse Mumbai parents

Zindine Zidane as Bangladesh poll observer?

No relief for Delhi traders on sealing

Stampede deaths revisit Puri

Delhi traders call of stir


Tharoor out

Nuke fears force South Korea to go for arms build up

Iraq awaits Saddam verdict

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The seamy side of globalization – health risks

Long-term study confirms salty diet kills

World Bank booster shot for health projects

Polio returns: Delhi woes refuse to end

India's anti-AIDS mission to get $23-mn boost from Bill and Melinda Gates

More parents go organic on baby food

UNICEF unveils computer game on AIDS

WHO asks for stringent smoke-free norms

AIDS scene not scary in India

HIV-positive children driven out of school in Kerala

US nutrition standards to curb obesity

28 million deaths can be averted by prompt action on AIDS, says WHO

Yoga for AIDS: Ramadoss-Ramdev fight it out

Pre-marital HIV test: The argument continues


Blame it on the Bhaiyyas

Thank you, Heath Ledger, for a life less ordinary

LOLCats haz superdelegate problems

Such a complex world needs a good explanation!

Run Mumbai Run

Indian Idol: Bad, Bad Girls

The Uncivil Civil Vigilantes

Why Indian Naris should wear saris

The Chinky’s New Cheek

Indian Rock: Dark side of the tune?

The sex education debate: Daal mein kuch kala hain!

Blueline menace and panic responses in Delhi

Kiss Kiss Bang Bong!


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Eighth Big Brother to have all-female house

Film shot 90 seconds before JFK assassination released

‘Miracle baby’ leaves Miami hospital

Media mogul Conrad Black on trial for fraud, jury selection on

Prince Harry to serve in Iraq


Of felines and their origins

No-sex, no-gossip magazine Grace for teenage girls

Chanting Aum in the US Senate

Akal Takht edict against Dera Sacha Sauda sect may lead to Constitutional crisis

Job stress spreads to more sectors in India

Hurricane Katrina survivors still live in misery

Tecom-Kerala Government close Smart City deal

US government probes filmmaker Michael Moore’s travel to Cuba

Karnataka debates night shifts for women

Tony Blair announces resignation as prime minister of Britain

Child deaths alarmingly up in Iraq

Jaguar population in Argentina goes down drastically

Budget cut puts US satellites that monitor global warming in jeopardy

Expert prescribes daily TV ration for kids

Roswell to host UFO Festival

China's private property law under test

Ratan Tata's F-16 flight on Feb 8

A quiet 80th birthday for Bal Thackeray

Nau baj gaye kya? KBC fever builds up

Shah Rukh Khan wax statue at Madame Tussaud's wax museum in April

Heavy storm lashes Europe, throws life out of gear

Tsunami-hit women of Tamil Nadu sell kidneys to make a living

Dev Anand's autobiography to tell it all

Aishwarya Rai's bodyguard was drunk in Brahma temple?

Fourth typhoon leaves Philippines numb

Bhutan gets prince charming as new monarch

‘Laden’ attack forces wildlife officials to hire killer

Sachar panel recommends Equal Opportunity Commission

Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards 'abuse' Mumbai parents

Lalu Prasad Yadav wants to be PM

Centre knocks at SC door again on Delhi sealings

China cries for water; Govt looks seaward

New Delhi DishTV dealer admits to not picking up phone

Kashmiri Pandit refugees in New Delhi need food

Intense search for Indonesian plane on

Debris from missing Indonesian plane found

32 perish in Baghdad cargo plane crash

US team arrives to help find missing Indonesian plane

Twelve survive Indonesian plane crash

California blaze rages, extensive damage likely

Politics not for kids, says Kalam

No coconuts for Ranchi

Madhya Pradesh considers e-Ration cards

Colas disappear from Kerala
In God's own country, a de facto ban is still in place.

Armitage thrust a finger at me and said "Dishkiaow!", says Musharraf

Coming soon: Kalam as teacher

Sartaj Aziz contests Musharraf's claims

Black Diwali for farmers in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan

Find Nemo this time on stage

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