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Adobe India chiefís son kidnapped in Noida

The 3-year old was kidnapped by two men on a motorcycle.

November 13, 2006

Kidnappers have struck again in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. And this time itís the three-year-old son, Anant, of Adobe India CEO Naresh Gupta who has gone missing.

Update: Adobe India Chief's family receives ransom call

Anant was kidnapped by two unidentified youth from outside his residence in Noida on Monday morning. The three-year-old boy was on his way to school when two young men on a motorcycle abducted him from outside his residence in Sector 15-A, according to the police.

Naresh Gupta is currently not in India and the family is awaiting communication from the kidnappers. Following the incident, police have cordoned off the entire area and all the roads leading out of Noida are being watched. The investigation has been handed over to the special task force (STF) of the UP police.

Four special teams have been deputed to investigate the incident. A high level probe is on. The maid servant of the family has been detained to investigate if she had a role in the incident. She was with Anant when he was on his way to his school Lotus Valley.

Anant is a pre-nursery student of the Lotus Valley International School in Sector 125 of Noida. His sister is in Std I in the same school, and was already in class when her brother was kidnapped.

A case was registered by the boy's mother Nidhi in Sector 20 Police Station of Noida. His father was away in Hong Kong on business and was to arrive on Monday night, according to Adobe India's spokesperson.

Police officials said that the kidnappers may be believed to have studied the place thoroughly before effecting the kidnap drama. They said that the miscreants were wearing helmets to hide their identity and the motorcycle had stickers on the number plate to hide the numbers.

Anant is said to have been waiting for his bus close to his house when two men on a motorcycle abducted him in front of everyone.

Even though the area had adequate private security and the area from which Anant was abducted had only two exits, nobody managed to stop the two kidnappers from escaping from the locality.

Noida, while being a nerve center of urban growth around Delhi, has been prey to the rampant lawlessness in the rest of Uttar Pradesh and reports of extortions and lawlessness are common.


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