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26 May 2008

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5 shocking videos of elephants killing people in Kerala

Depression bias high among Australian men

Gulf charm wear off for Indians

Great tits look good upside down too!

Polar bears reject Inuit concerns, worried about less sex

Gymnastics-related injuries in US kids high

5 out of every 1,000 child gymnasts suffered an injury serious enough to require acute care.


Britain faces malaria, cancer risk due to climate change

Rare pygmy hippos sighted in Liberia


Volvo Ocean Race stopover at Kochi

Real estate sector faces slowdown

China says Tibetan suicide attacks planned to sabotage Olympics

Famous Indian psychiatrist banned in UK


Broken hearts kill men easy

Chances of you dying in the next 12 months after your wife's death are six times more than the preceding 12 months. Just brilliant, guys.

Husbands mean 7 hours of extra housework for women

Menopause evolution's way to end moms-in-law reign

Why your spouse may sabotage your diet

Why women are grumpy after a bad night's sleep

Americans splurge on Botox, breast reshaping


One-night stand, or for keeps?

Happy marriages mean healthy hearts

You may have dictatorship in your genes

You can learn to be loving and kind

UK Teens prefer to read celebrity news, song lyrics to books

Afghanistan slams Tolo TV channel for ‘un-Islamic’ program

Names that make you successful, attractive and lucky

Video games to get cigarette-style warnings in the UK


First-borns smarter than younger siblings

Binge drinking teens prone to memory loss

We are not talking about the kind of memory loss that happens after those few tequila shots.

Self-talk good for pre-schoolers

Bullies have troubled relationships with parents, friends


Eight glasses of water a day too much

Nomophobia is fear of losing mobiles

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