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22 April, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI makes waves with his first papal visit to US

Pope meets US victims of sexual abuse by catholic priests

Ted Turner sorry for anti-faith stance, joins church to fight malaria

Afghanistan slams Tolo TV channel for ‘un-Islamic’ program

International aviation news
International aviation news archive
Printing press and printing services in Delhi, India
Top ten vacation spots in Europe

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Atheist movie The Golden Compass angers Church

Anglican diocese of Niagara votes to bless same-sex marriages

China promises to meet religious needs of foreigners during 2008 Olympics

Anglican diocese of Montreal votes to bless same-sex marriage

Church websites that stream live services make faith impersonal

Canterbury Archbishop, US bishops debate issue of gay clerics

Channel 4 to telecast Britain’s first TV ad for Christianity

Chanting Aum in the US Senate

South Korea’s evangelists in Afghanistan blamed for hostage crisis

Pope reaffirms Catholic Church’s anti-abortion stand

Akal Takht edict against Dera Sacha Sauda sect may lead to Constitutional crisis

Holland fears the burqa, bans it

 Kargil Shias rubbish AISPLB nikahnama

AIMSLB releases fresh Nikahnama

Pope lauds efforts to fight misuse of religion

Pope goes, pop, apologizes

Ardh Kumbh in Allahabad

Pope Benedict XVI’s visit has Turkey on its toes

Haj subsidy: Politics to the fore

Malaysian court rejects woman’s conversion plea

DWS launches DWS Crowd, a community for regular readers of dancewithshadows where they can vote on stories they like, comment and discuss stuff. Register now!

Gay marriage? No. Celibacy for priests? Yes. James Cameron’s ‘documentary’ on tomb of Jesus digs up huge controversy

At the doors of faith

The cow slaughter ban and beef-eaters : Majority will over individual freedom

Free yourself from fear

Monetary disputes: How to keep the moolah and the family peace

A personal path to truth

A personal Path - Part II

A personal Path - Part III

Left brain, right brain

Widow shopping at the spiritual bazaar

A question of dharma

Christians, forgive Shiv Sena! Jesus told you so, remember?

Solutions to Ayodhya

Understanding religion and God


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