Rahul Gandhi - Congress candidate from Amethi


Rahul Gandhi to contest on Congress from Amethi in the 2004 Lok Sabha General elections

What do we know about Rahul Gandhi?

Not much. We know he is generally quiet, bears a striking resemblance to his father Rajiv Gandhi and prefers to work in peace. We know that he has a Columbian girlfriend - Juanita.

Sonia Gandhi, Congress President, has decided to vacate her Amethi seat for Rahul to contest the 2004 Lok Sabha general elections. Will he win?

Amethi has been a Congress stronghold for a long time. The constituency was patronised by everyone from Indira Gandhi onwards. The people there have a strong attachment to the Gandhi family - and raul and Priyanka Gandhi have both worked in Amethi during the last 5 years. They were Sonia's presence in the constituency. Priyanka even captured headlines when she took up a poor Dalit's cause with the district administration, panicking Mayavati of the BSP, then UP chief minister.

Even if there was no Gandhi family, it is perfectly normal for a constituency that has seen two primie ministers from the same family to vote for another from the same family. Call it self preservation or knowing your own best interests. Unless Rahul makes any major goof-ups, we already have our next MP. Just wait for the voting day.

Meanwhile, here is an interesting snippet. A few months back, when the Gandhi family flew to Lakhshadweep islands for a vacation, a professor from Kerala filed a petition asking that he be charged for immoral trafficking as he was staying with his girlfriend without being married!

Well, the police were not stupid enough to act on the complaint and ignored it. However, it is hilarious how archaic Indian laws are. Because as far as I know, a man and a woman if they even stay in the same room for a night can be arrested. Because the laws say that unless you are marrried, forget staying in the same room! I hope some lawyer could explain if this is true, and what are defences one could use in court if you are, really, arrested. Contact me on lawdgawd@yahoo.com



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