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Dr. Reddy's launches immune booster for children

Product launched in collaboration with Symbiotics of New Zealand.



8 August, 2005: Dr Reddy’s Laboratories along with Symbiotics of New Zealand has launched New Life Colostrum, an immune booster for children.

Reddy’s said on its web site that the product is available in a chewable form, for the first time in India.

Colostrum is a nutrient rich natural substance produced by all female mammals during the first 72 hours after giving birth . It consists of immune factors, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Thus, it helps in the developing immunity, the press release said.

New Life Colostrum is the World’s top colostrum brand. It is derived from bovine colostrums and is developed through unique manufacturing techniques. The techniques ensure the availability of adequate quantities of immunoglobulins, immune factors, growth factors, proteins & minerals.

Bovine colostrums are richer than human colostrums in context of immunoglobulins and the growth factors. Bovine colostrum contains twenty to twenty one times more immune factors as compared to the human colostrum.

Colostrum offers clinical advantages in the prevention and treatment of several Gastrointestinal infections of both bacterial and viral origin. New Life Colostrum prevents infections among children and is a useful supplement for children suffering from recurrent infections.

New Life Colostrum has been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry New Zealand to be free from – BSE, Foot & mouth disease, BST, Pesticides & antibiotics.
Dr. Reddy’s had recently launched many products in the pediatric segment including Rebalanz, an oral rehydration solution for children suffering from non-cholera diarrhea, Redotil (Sachet), a novel anti-diarrheal agent used while treating acute watery diarrhea in children and Econorm, a yeast based preparation to prevent and control Antibiotics associated diarrhoea.

Meanwhile, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories has announced a partnership with Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai to offer a unique MBA (pharma management) programme to its employees.The firm informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that the programme, “with a blended focus on pharma domain, is meant to enrich learning, develop competencies and enhance on-the-job performance of employees.""A programme like this will help Dr Reddy's further its investment in development of people towards reaching mutually-beneficial enhanced skill levels. It will also help build a strong talent base within the organisation. Participating employees will be able to immediately translate managerial learning into practice at their work places," Satish Reddy, managing director & Chief Operating Officer of Dr. Reddy's, said in a release to the BSE.The course was inaugurated in Hyderabad recently. Classes are slated to commence from August 13 at the company. The NMIMS faculty will conduct the classes on weekends, according to the release.



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