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MTV to launch Flux channel to mark 25th anniversary

This emphasis on interactive programming comes as Internet threatens to wean away MTVs fan following.

July 28, 2006

MTV Flux logo

LONDON: Music Television (MTV) is redefining the way it progresses as it celebrates its 25th anniversary next week by slotting a new channel called Flux to check a probable erosion of its viewers as more and more people switch to Internet.

This comes as no surprise as a survey by search behemoth Google this year had revealed that Britons were now mostly spending their time online than watching television. MTV thinks this trend is not restricted to Britain but spread across the world.

Flux would give a platform for viewers to manipulate or control what goes on the screen, MTV sources were quoted as saying. MTV also hopes to rope in video clips of audience, enable them to vote on which programme to go on air next and allow its viewers to chat with each other live on television.

This emphasis on interactive programming comes as Internet threatens to wean away its following, the same way MTV eroded the base of radio more than two decades back with the unsung motto “Video killed the radio star”.

Flux will also have the backing of a website, which aimed to target an online presence as well as a sense of community feeling among its followers.

Though interactive programming aspects of Flux is nothing new, MTV is hoping to cash in on the wide array of interactive elements it brings in one platform to do the trick for it.

As the first generation MTV fans are al ready past the prime target age group of 16-35, this strategy will aim to rope in the next generation music fans who are also hooked on to the net.

The launch of Flux channel is tentatively slotted for early September to rope in what MTV calls “young adults who are passionate about music”.

MTV’s other stations are VH1 and kids’ channel Nickelodeon. Flux would replace VH2, a station devoted to older viewers.

Flux will have an editorial team to filter the clips sent by audience. Th firm already has hours of programmes on its archives. MTV expects users to contribute about 10-20% of programme material.

Flux would be first launched as a test case in United Kingdom and would be expanded across the world, depending on its success.






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