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Miss Israel 2006 Universe is Yael Nizri

Miss Israel 2006 Universe is Yael nizri, an eighteen-year-old aspiring student.

April 7, 2006

An 18-year-old student with a Dutch-Moroccan background has been crowned Miss Israel -- Yael Nizri, who hails form Kityat Shmona in northern Israel will represent Israel at the Miss Universe beauty pageant 2006.

Nizri, who wants to be a lawyer, is still in high school, though she has been chosen as Miss Israel. As per Israeli laws, she has to complete the service in Army before Nizri can start her dream career as a lawyer. Her father is of Morroccan origin. Her father and Dutch mother were kibbutz volunteers when they met.

She came topper after beating 20 other contenders to bag the coveted crown, named Queen of Beauty, at the pageant held at Hafia’s Mercaz Hacongressim.

Last year’s crown holder Elana Ralph presented her the car for the winner. Ralph finished 10th in Miss Universe 2006, but this time Israel seems to have better hopes.

Only one Israeli national has won the Miss Universe crown – Rina Mor was the Miss Universe in 1976.

The first four contestants will represent Israel in different global beauty pageants. Apart from Nizri the other finalists were Tehila Mor, Anastasia Yantin and Hila Aran.

Twenty-three-year-old Yantin was adjudged "Maiden of Beauty". Yantin will be Israel’s representative in the Miss World pageant in Warsaw scheduled to be held in September.

Tehila Mor, who is just 17, was adjudged "Queen of Grace". Mor will represent Israel in the Miss International 2006 contest to be held in Shanghai.

Miss Teen Queen Aran, 19 will get the chance o represent the nation in the Miss Europe 2006 contest.

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