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'Showgirl’ Kylie cheerful, but may not rock soon

Kylie Minogue recuperates at home following a surgery for breast cancer


Rock star Kylie Ann Minogue spent an unusually quiet 37th birthday on May 28 with her French actor boyfriend Oliver Martinez and her close relatives.

Kylie is cheerfully recuperating after an operation on May 20 conducted at St Frances Xavier Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne. The operation as performed to arrest Cancer on Kylie, who once sold her bra at an auction to support research on breast cancer.

Kylie is now with friends and family, and surgeon says she is happy and confident that cancer has been caught on time. Earlier, Kylie underwent tests that confirmed that cancer was confined to her breast, reports said.

But it may take some time before the flamboyant star is ready to conduct tours and live shows, sources close to her hinted. Kylie had cancelled the Australian leg of her ‘Showgirl’ world tour after she was diagnosed as having breast cancer. Immediately after word spread, her web site crashed, unable to host the hits it attracted. But unlike her site, Kylie showed her grit, by taking on the monster of cancer without losing her nerves.

Kylie’s success saga can be traced from her 29 hits in UK alone since her 1998 number ‘I should be so lucky’. The Australian pop diva has sold more than 40 million records.

Born in Melbourne in 1968, Kylie took to stage at a tender age of 12, the first professional role in Australian TV series ‘Skyways’.

In 1986 came Kylie’s first big tryst with stardom after she left school to accept the role of Charlene in Neighbours. The next year, Neighbours became a runway hit become Australia’s highest rated programme.

Kylie also went on to become the youngest star in the country to win the most popular actress award – the Silver Logie.

The same year saw the release of her first solo, which was a remake of Little Eva hit ‘Locomotion’. Locomotion made a `commotion’ nationwide remaining in the top for seven weeks, and later went on to become the biggest Australian single of the decade: Kylie had arrived.

A year later, Kylie was performing before Prince Charles and Lady Di at the Australian Royal bi-centennial concert.

Locomotion fetched Kylie four Logies in 1998. Logies are the equivalent of Emmy Awards.

In between her I should be so lucky, released in January 1998 in Australia and UK, also started making waves, topping the charts in Germany, Finland, Honk Kong, Austria , Spain , Italy, Greece and New Zealand. That was a recognition for what her fans called universality of appeal.

Locomotion made giant strides in the US also, reaching no 3 in charts within 2 months. 
In February next year Kylie found herself posing for the wax museum of Madame Tussaud in London, an universal stamp of approval linked to global celebrity status.

Kylie’s first concert tour of Australia in 1990 was rated as an astonishing success. In between Kylie scripted a success story laced with glamour, rock, acting and celebrity status, creating a resounding platform in all facets, including center spreads in glossies like Vogue and Australia’s top fashion magazine `Follow Me’.

In November 1992, she got the sexiest person on the planet award from DMC and Mix-Mag magazine, authorities in dance music.

The ‘Showgirl’ tour according to Kylie’s own words “is not only a celebration of pop songs and of my career but also of a long term relationship with my audience”.
Well reports say there has to be a hiatus before the mesmerizing pop diva can resume her special relationship with her innumerable fans.

God save the Malayalee

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