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US leads in global IT ranking, India ranks at 40

China slips to 50th spot, Nordic countries fare well in Global Information Technology report 2005 of the World Economic Forum.

March 29, 2006

The United States has emerged as the top nation for development of information and communications technology (ICT), dislodging the city state of Singapore.

The Global Information Technology report 2005 by the World Economic Forum lauded US for its impressive technical infrastructure and business environment.

The report is an index of 115 economies. India ranks 40th, but is ahead of China which is in 50th place.

The report pointed out the United States’ openness to technological innovation, spurred by the higher education system and the easy availability of venture capital.

The Networked Readiness Index placed Singapore in second place for its “regulatory environment, and world class education and training”.

The index is based on a survey conducted among business executives.

ICT is one of the most important drivers in boosting efficiency and productivity, according to Augusto Lopez-Claros, who is a co-editor of the report.

Asian countries fare badly in the index. Hong Kong, Australia and Japan ranked between 11th and 16th. China lost nine places to 50th in the process sliding behind India (40th).

But South Korea gained 10 places to earn a ranking of 14.

Taiwan, which has been described as an ICT powerhouse, gained eight places from 2004 to get a ranking of seven.

Taiwan has been praised in the report for its "intelligent" public policies and public-private partnerships”.

Nordic countries Denmark, Iceland and Finland got third to fifth places, while Sweden was ranked eighth in the report.

Russia slid 10 places to get a ranking of 72, mainly due to the concerns over deteriorating institutional environment, the WEF survey said.

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