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Britney has a baby boy! Updates and photo gallery

Britney Spears gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday. Hold your breath while we get hold of a few photos for the first-ever Preston Michael Spears Federline photo gallery!


16 September, 2005: Preston Micheal Spears Federline entered the world of celebrities on Wednesday, his mother and rock star Britney Spears announced on her website, The home page of the glam gal’s site screamed IT IS A BOY, celebrating the arrival of her healthy baby boy.

Britney and Kevin said in the announcement that they were ecstatic to announce the birth of their son.

Preston is Britney’s first child with boy friend Kevin Federline, who has two kids with his previous girl friend, actress Shar Jackson..

Britney , 23, had to undergo a caesarean to deliver Preston into the wonder world of celebrities. Coincidentally, Spears promoted Elizabeth Arden Fantasy perfume hit the stands a day after Preston’s first cry. Fantasy has been created with a host of enchanting flavours, Britney said on her web site.

The former spice girl had described her pregnancy as mind-blowing and therapeutic.

Sorry, but we do not have any photos of little Preson for a photo gallery yet. Probably, Britney and federline will send the first exclusive pictures for a few millions to People magazine or something. The moment a few pictures are availabe publicly, our photo gallery will go online!

Lousiana born Britney always wanted a career in music. Her initial performances were in the local church.

Britney’s biggest hit is still Baby One More Time. Perhaps, after Madonna, no artist had such an all-pervading influence on music, fashion and social circles as Britney.

Britney’s rise to spotlight was mainly due to the extravagant tinge consciously adopted by her to camouflage her average skills with vocal chords – She blended fashion with music and exploited her bodily charm on stage, in somewhat similar fashion through which Madonna hogged the limelight. But the formula worked for both.

Now it remains to be seen whether Britney will confine herself to he domestic chores as a mother, which is very unlikely.

Celebrity’s rarely like to be out of spotlight. Ask Preston Micheal Spears Federline, who was catapulted to the glossies before he got a cradle, and he will vouch for that. Only issue is we have to wait till he learns to talk.



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Britney has a baby boy!


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