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Aniston in Pitts, courtesy Angelina!

Certainly, three is a crowd. More so, if they are stunning celebrities.

As Aniston, the Friend’s star, realized when she picked up an extension phone in her palatial Hollywood home, only to hear intimate conversations, an euphemism for sex talk, between the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for refugees and the man once voted the sexiest in the universe. Jennifer cried fowl.


That was the end of the four-and-a-half year marriage of Hollywood’s most talked about celebrity couple.

Pitt ,41, and Aniston ,35, started dating in 1998, which culminated in their wedding on July 2000. That was the first marriage of both Pitt and Aniston. 

Brad Pitt was voted the “hottest male” of 2004 in a poll conducted by 2 million voters on Femalefirst. David Beeckham came 9th in this poll, in which the Ocean’s Eleven star piped Johnny Depp to emerge the winner.

Enter the voluptuous Jolie, who was voted the sexiest woman by an American men’s magazine. And an poll revealed she is the women most British men wanted to have a French kiss. Not a surprise, considering her hot lips.

Pitt and Jolie were having a fling for more than a year before Aniston realized that she happens to be at the wrong end of the extension.

The Pitt-Jolie affair started when they were shooting for Mr & Mrs Smith, in which they play a couple, last February. Well they went overboard and began playing real life mischief.

Jolie has an adopted son Maddox, from Cambodia, with whom Pitt made sandcastles during their African vacation. 

Now, grapevine has it that Brad Pitt wanted children, which the career-minded Aniston refused to oblige. Now, what more do you want to drag some chaos into a celebrity wedlock?

Pitt is also all praise for Jolie’s charity work, including her UNHCR stint.
Well, Aniston doesn’t believe in having an activist role. 

Pitt even went to the extend of saying that Jolie earns more just to spend more for such activities. 

Jolie, the Oscar winning Tomb Raider star, was recently in Pakistan to meet top government aides including Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, in her capacity as UNHCR envoy. 

Pitt was reportedly spotted in Morocco with a rig, which wags attribute to the Jolie Effect. Picture of Pitt and Jolie vacationing in Africa had infuriated Aniston to such an extent that many thought the divorce could turn out to be another nasty one. It turns out that the pictures where leaked to the paparazzi by one other than Jolie, who wanted to make public their affection.

Jolie ended her two-year wedlock with Johnny Lee Miller, whom she met during the filming of Hackers. She has reportedly a biazzare side, with knives and blood playing a key role.

When Jolie married Miller in 1995, her wedding dress was a white shirt in which Millers name was painted, with her own blood.
She had a Billy Bob tattoo just before she married Billy Bob Thornton.
The stunning actress also sports cuts on her arm (an X).

Now what Brad Pitt has in store, only time would tell. It could be a tattoo, it could be some knives. It could be anything. 

Angelina Jolie Voight has it all.


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