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Civil war set to resume in Sri Lanka

LTTE chieftain Prabhakaran accuses Sri Lankan government of waging war.

November 28, 2006

It is going to be civil war again in Sri Lanka. With the LTTE supreme Velupillai Prabhakaran accusing the Colombo government of waging military and economic war against Tamils under a cover of peace platitudes, civil war is just waiting to break out again in the already war-torn island nation.

Saying that the 2.5 million minority were left with no other option but an independent state, the LTTE leader has virtually scrapped the islandís peace process and charted a course to full independence for his people.

This announcement made by Prabhakaran is seen as a shift from his pledge of year 2002 to accept a federal solution by extending broad autonomy to the north and east. That commitment saw a ceasefire being put into effect. However, the Norwegian-brokered peace talks had collapsed in Geneva last month.

Accusing President Mahinda Rajapakse of openly advocating attacks on LTTE positions, he sad the administration has effectively buried the Ceasefire Agreement. He just stopped short of declaring independence, but stressed the peace process was over with the Sinhalese nationalist-led government elected a year ago. Expressing concern over Tamils being arrested, tortured, raped and murdered, Prabhakaran called for independence.

Colombo watchers have now opined that the LTTE suremoís words are a declaration of war. He seems to be treading the Eelamí route for an independent Tamil nation in the island.

Meanwhile, Prabhakaran has also hinted at a resumption in the Tamil freedom struggle . The Tigers on Tuesday stepped up artillery fire on military bases in the east, killing at least one soldier and wounding several others, said reports. The Lankan conflict, till date, has claimed more than 60,000 lives, said reports

Heavy fighting has started in Batticaloa. Security forces have geared up for retaliation. Veluppillai Prabhakaranís call for an independent state has been closely-watched by Sri Lankan leaders as well as in donor countries who have warned of aid policy reviews if fighting escalates.




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