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N Korea may make N-bombs, feels S Korea

Post North Korea's nuke tests, South Korea considers arming itself.

October 27, 2006

Seven nuclear bombs! Thatís what North Korea can afford to make at this moment. So feels, rather believes, the countryís southern neighbour and one-time arch-rival.

A South Korean defense report says that North Korea has enough plutonium to make as many as seven nuclear bombs. According to the report, North Korea is working on a lightweight nuclear warhead that can be mounted atop a ballistic missile.

North Korea is believed to have extracted 110 pounds of high-grade plutonium, enough for up to seven nuclear weapons. Saying that North Korea is believed to have 82 Il-28 bombers at bases in Uiju and Jangjin, it said the country can put to use its Russian-made bombers to drop the bombs

According to the report, North Korea is also suspected to have built a nuclear warhead weighing some two to three tonnes. To be mounted on a missile, the warhead would need to be less than one tonne, it added.

These revelations come just days after North Korea lured international criticism by undertaking nuclear tests.




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N Korea may make N-bombs, feels S Korea

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