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LOLCats haz superdelegate problems

I can haz chooseburger?

28 March, 2008

I can haz more peaceful times? That's the silent plea from all the supedelegate cats, on whose furry shoulders the responsibility of choosing the next presidential candidate will fall.

I can haz them both? Asked some superdelegates. Nope. They can't.

Would Obama introduce changes into LOLcat-rubbing? Would our purring get better? Would be bring his pastor who doesn't like LOLCcts along?

On the other paw, does Hillary really have all that LOLcat rubbing experience she claims to have? Did she and her pet cat come under sniper-fire from Serbian cats? Are there LOLcats in Serbia? Questions, questions.

Life was a lot better when all one had to do was choose between cheeseburgers.

No Lulz for a long time. Sheesh.











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