Khushboo pre-marital sex statement: SC dismisses all cases

Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 19:27
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The Supreme Court has dismissed all cases against Tamil actress and activist Khushboo, who spoke in support of the right of women to have pre-marital sex.

Khushboo who was accused of outraging public decency and as many as 22 cases were filed against her in 2005.

In a 2005 magazine interview Khushboo said it was not wrong for women to have pre-marital sex as long as they took precautions. She said that it was also “not fair of any educated youth to expect his wife to be a virgin”. The remarks stirred controversy in a conservative country where pre-marital sex and live-in relationships are still considered a taboo. Several cases were filed against her across Tamil Nadu in various courts under different sections of the Indian penal code. The Madras high court had earlier rejected her appeal to dismiss the cases against her.

With the apex court giving her a clean chit on Wednesday, Khushboo said she stood by her comments on pre-marital sex and live-in relationships and that celebrities were pinned down for no rhyme or reason. She said in an interview for NDTV that she knew what she had spoken and it was not an easy task for a woman to stand alone and said she believed in what she has spoken and said. A bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justice B S Chauhan quashed 22 criminal cases against her, saying that Khushboo’s statement on the issue of pre-marital sex and live-in relationships was her personal view and the Indian constitution entitles her to express it.

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