Kerala High Court finds ‘indications’ of Love Jihad

Friday, December 11, 2009, 18:35
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Kerala High Court finds ‘indications’ of Love Jihad, calls for legislation to check ‘deceptive conversions’

The High Court of Kerala has observed that there are indications of “forceful” religious conversions into Islam under the pretext of “love.”

The High Court also suggested that the government consider enacting legislation to prohibit such “deceptive acts” and stressed that, “under the pretext of love, there cannot be any compulsive, deceptive conversion.”

Justice K T Sankaran, of the High Court of Kerala, made these observations while dismissing the applications for anticipatory bail filed by two Muslim young men accused of being involved in ‘Love Jihad’ (or ‘Romeo Jihad’) – a movement in which young men of the Muslim community entice girls from other communities under the guise of love, marry them and then convert them to Islam by force.

After going through the case diary relating to the ‘Love Jihad’ cases, Justice K T Sankaran maintained that there were sufficient indications of forceful conversions of non-Muslim girls into Islam.

From some of the reports submitted by the police, it is clear that there have been “concerted efforts” to convert “girls of a particular religion” to another religion with the “blessings of some outfits,” the High Court of Kerala observed.

The case diary of the ‘Love Jihad’ issue was handed over to the High Court of Kerala by Kerala’s Director-General of Prosecution.

The state police reportedly promised the High Court that the two Muslim young men involved in the case will not be arrested till December 17, 2009.

The case is to be again considered on December 17, 2009.

V G Govindan Nair, Director-General of Prosecution, informed the High Court that the police had collected evidence for the “anti-natural sex relation” that one of the girls had been subject to.

The accused rejected the accusation, arguing that the case was a “conspiracy’ by the police.

The court disallowed the request of the two accused – Sirajudheen and Shahensha – to go through the case diary.

Sirajudheen and Shahensha have been charged with converting forcefully two girls, who were MBA students, into Islam by feigning love.

Earlier, it was while considering this case that the High Court of Kerala directed the Kerala police to investigate whether an organisation called Love Jihad, or Romeo Jihad, existed, or was functioning, in Kerala.

Following this order, Jacob Punnoose, Kerala’s Director-General of Police, had informed the High Court of Kerala that there was no such organisation as Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad functioning in Kerala. The Union Home Ministry, too, repeated the same stand in its report submitted in the Kerala High Court.

The case had come up when the parents of the two girls filed complaints with the police that the girls were missing.

They parents had also filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court of Kerala.

When the girls appeared before the High Court, along with the two boys, the court asked the girls to go with their parents even though the girls reportedly maintained that they embraced Islam on their own free will.

However, after having stayed for 3 weeks with the parents, the two girls informed the High Court that the Muslim boys had converted them to Islam forcefully.

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