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Keep off our Nuclear program: Iran tells EU

November 11, 2006

With the United Nations set to adopt a draft resolution aimed at curbing Iranís nuclear program, Tehran is to review its cooperation with UN nuclear inspectors .

A flustered Iran has said that it will review its relations with the IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog, if the UN adopts the European resolution without the amendments proposed by Russia. Tehranís stance is seen as a major development at a time the international community is battling the tough approach taken by North Korea on the nuke isue.

Tehran has also insited that it will push ahead with its nuke programme and warned that it would end relations the UN nuclear watchdog if the world inflicts punishments proposed by European nations. It said it wanted talks, now on, to ease the mounting standoff over fears it is seeking nuclear weapons, but that it would not abandon its peaceful nuclear energy programme.

Saying that Iran wishes to use its rights under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, it said that it was ready to renew negotiations with the European Union.

Meanwhile, Russia, one of the permanent members along with Britain, China, France and the United States, has said the resolution is too tough on Iran and has proposed major amendments to the draft.

Major global powers have accused Iran of building a covert nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, Tehran has reiteretaed that it would use its nuclear powers only to generate electricity. However, no one seems to be believing Tehran.

Despite repeated pleas from the interntional community, Iran has refused to halt sensitive nuclear fuel work that can be used for atomic energy generation and, eventually, to build atomic weapons.




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