Counting date for 2009 Lok Sabha General elections

Friday, May 1, 2009, 15:21
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… is 16, May 2009!

Why do I think this is worth specifically writing a post about?

Because a lot of us would go to a search engine and type out the question and expect an answer. I did. I found answers too, but it was not so easy. Not instantneous. Hopefully this will will help those who search.

Even though the 2009 Lok Sabha elections are conducted in five phases spread out over a month, the actual counting gets over in a day. By early morning, the countings start and you can catch it live on all TV news channels.

There would be leads, initial reports, close battles, and sweaty and thrilled politicians and spokesmen who rush from studio to studio trying to make sense of what they have in hand on counting day.

I usually enjoy watching the live counting and following updates. It is sort of fun to watch some of them psyched out of their wits when things go against them. The sad part, of course, is that there is another who is gloating – usually quite undeservedly.

So this time will it be the Iron Man, the Soft Sardar, the Maharashtra Machiavelli, or even some dark horse like Nitish Kumar or God forbid – Prakash Karat?

All that we know this Lok Sabha elections is that it could be anyone. I feel panicky just thinking about it.

Catch you all on counting day, when we will have seat counts and updates from morning on this site.

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