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23 April, 2008

Pakistan ignores India's clemency plea for Sarabjit Singh

Inflation high of 7.4% worries UPA

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the Modi of West Bengal

Pratibha Patil in purdah system controversy

 Condemn anti-Muslim CD publicly, Election Commission orders BJP

Two exit polls predict hung House in UP, put BSP in first place

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to 9/11

Nuclear plans: US repeats warning to Iran

Italy orders trial of 25 CIA agents for rendition flight

2007 National Games in Guwahati as scheduled, asserts Gogoi

Sidhu's nomination papers found incomplete

Supreme Court stays Navjot Singh Sidhu's conviction in road rage case

A quiet 80th birthday for Bal Thackeray

India's Election Commission takes Punjab state police chief off election duties

Barack Obama to enter US Presidential race

China uses ballistic missile to destroy satellite

US Defence Secretary meets allied commanders in Iraq

Hillary Clinton takeas a u-turn, steps up anti-war tirade

Israel's Prime Minister, Defence Minister under pressure to quit

Bush address brings to fore America's anti-war sentiment

Civilian casualties in Iraq over 34,000: UN report

Barzan's decapitation angers Sunnis in Iraq

Bush bent on defying Congress on new Iraq plan

Saddam's aides hanged

Fidel Castro undergoes three unsuccessful surgeries

Pakistan attacks suspected al-Qaeda camps

Israel to expand settlement even as Rice meets Olmert

Greece blames domestic outfits for attack on US embassy

Democrats want Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay prisons shut

 Iraq puts off hanging of Saddam aides
... after the uproar over the manner in which Saddam Hussein was executed.

US says Iraq screwed up hanging of Saddam Hussein

Al-Qaeda threat to Sonia, Singh

Korean N-talks see no result

Mamta Banerjee in a tight spot as Singur farmers call for ending stir

AIIMS doctors protest OBC quota bill, strike work.

Mullaperiyar dam issue reaches flashpoint

Blasts rip through Sadr City streets

US Senate approves US-India Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Bill

Saddam death verdict may tear Iraq apart

Iran issues Shahab-3 warning to the West

Civil war killings shoot up in Iraq

N Korea may make N-bombs, feels S Korea

North Korea readying for another nuclear test?

Nuke fears force South Korea to go for arms build up

Jaffna pounded even as peace parleys are on

No entry for N Korean ships at Australia's ports
In the wake of UN sanctions against North Korea, Australia goes a step further.

Pyongyang isolated as Seoul, Beijing hold sanctions parleys
South Korea and China discuss sanctions against North Korea.

King Gyanendra of Nepal insists he won’t take the exile route

Maoists want King Gyanendra to leave gracefully; that may or may not happen - but he says he won't leave Nepal.

Olympic torch relay turns a law and order issue

India, Israel in defence deal talks

Congress inducts young blood in cabinet

Congress inflation woes get worse

Third front talks gain momentum

China jails human rights activist in pre-Olympics clean-up

Rice exports ban to cut inflation in India

US imposes new, harsh sanctions against Iran

Supreme Court blasts TN government on bandh

Myanmar junta confine monks to monasteries

Musharraf to run for president

Musharraf will remain army chief if not re-elected as president

US to impose more sanctions against Myanmar

Iran's N-plan may lead to war, warns French Foreign MinisterI

ndian Government withdraws affidavit on Ram Sethu

North Korea has shut down main nuclear reactor

Shiv Sena picks Patibha Patil over Shekhawat, angers BJP

US sends more military police to Iraq

North Korea agrees to take steps for nuclear disarmament

Six nation talks on North Korea's nuke plans to resume on Feb 8

Hamas-Fatah ceasefire comes into force in Gaza

10 killed in suicide bombing outside US base in Afghanistan

Cauvery Tribunal final verdict out

Cauvery verdict: Anger and discontent in Karnataka

Lebanon's national strike turns violent

It's official: China confirms it shot down satellite

Palestinian suicide bomber kills 3 in Israel

Iraq violence: Two car bombs kill 80 in Iraq

Journalist-activist Hrant Dink murdered in Turkey

Israel releases $100 million to Mahmoud Abbas

China's satellite-killer kicks up widespread dismay, debate

Congress withdraws support to Mulayam Govt

ULFA ultimatum to Hindi-speaking people: Get out of Assam

Assam: One killed, many hurt as ULFA sets off bomb in market

Bush warns Iran, Syria against aiding Iraqi rebels

Iraq imbroglio: Condoleezza Rice seeks Arab support

Rocket fired at US embassy in Athens; no one hurt

Bush sending 21,000 more troops to Iraq

US, N Korea try to sort out financial issues
Six nations sit down to try and talk things out.

Iran rubbishes UN sanctions

We are not winning in Iraq: George W. Bush
George W Bush admits to stalemate in Iraq.

US confirms kidnapping of American citizen in Iraq

Civil war set to resume in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - LTTE hostilities may end up in war

Mullaperiyar water row on the road

Ceasefire in Gaza

University staffers held hostage in Iraq released

Britain on high alert after alert on terror plots

Iraq: Robert Gates has a task in hand

India Pak Foreign Secy-level talks have terror high on agenda

Keep off our Nuclear program: Iran tells EU

North Korea calls Japan a territory of the United States

SLFP and UNP join hands in Sri Lanka

Manmohan mantra

 Nuclear test likely to turn tough for North Korea

Blair kudos for India

SEZs good, but keep off farm lands, says BJP.

US ultimatum to N Korea termed ‘policy’ statement

Manmohan mantra

Set right economic policies, Left tells Centre

7/11 blast suspects’ names to be handed over to Pak

Pyongyang’s N-test threat brings neighbors together

Blair kudos for India

China's‘patriotic education’ campaign launched in Lhasa

OBC reservation in govt institutions from 2008

Narendra Modi's book JyotiPunj

27 % OBC quota okayed

Rising prices become political issue

LOLCats haz superdelegate problems

Such a complex world needs a good explanation!



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Sethusamudram kicks off Tamil Nadu poll battle

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Karunakaran breaks away: An octogenarian putsch

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Autumn of the failed patriarch 

Guantánamo prisoners told FBI of Koran desecration in 2002

The wheel turns full circle for the Maratha strongman

Chhattisgarh tourism managing director Dr. A Jayathilak is removed by Chief Minister Raman Singh.

Ex-Union minister Shibu Soren captured from coal mine, escapes again

2004 general elections. More of the same...

Blasts and riots: Circle of retribution

Mumbai can be saved only by the Shiv Sena - but not in their usual way

Chhattisgarh state assembly elections 2003

Madhya Pradesh state assembly elections 2003

Rajasthan state assembly elections 2003

Delhi state assembly elections 2003

Mee Mumbaikar

Blasts and riots: Circle of retribution

Mumbai can be saved only by the Shiv Sena - but not in their usual way

NCERT needs a better script


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