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Side-effect free nano delivery of common pills and injections by Aphios coming

Saturday, July 3, 2010, 20:52 This news item was posted in Discoveries category and has 0 Comments so far.


Side-effect free tablets and injections of highly potent drugs which are currently used to treat various diseases including cancer may be around the corner.

Side-effects and other adverse reactions usually result from the initial spike of the medicine shortly after administration in the patients body.

Drugs reach its highest point of activity soon after the administration either through mouth or as an injection in the patients body and gradually start decaying.

The sudden elevation of the therapeutic agent in the body soon after administration leads to several unwanted reactions in the body.

This dosage-related side-effects are high in the case of anti-cancer drugs as they are generally administred in high doses during chemotherapy sessions.

As much as 70% of patients receiving chemotherapy agents, such as cisplatin, carboplatin and doxorubicin are having severe side-effects. And the drugs given to counter the adverse effects such as vomiting too have side-effects such as sedation, hypotension (associated with dopamine antagonists), as well as headache, diarrhea or constipation.

To overcome this adverse side-effect Aphios Corporation has developed a new process to deliver tablets and injectables in a safer way.

Aphios has been awarded a patent that details an improved process to formulate a polymer-based drug delivery nanotechnology platform.

The new method, which offers a more sustainable, consistent administration of therapeutics with less dosage-dependent side effects, appears to have the potential radically change the current conventional methods of drug delivery such as tablets or injections.

Aphio’s novel drug delivery is an alternative that uses a polymer made from microspheres/nanospheres.

Following administration via ingestion or injection, the polymer is slowly degraded by body fluids.

Supercritical fluids – a gas or liquid material that in a state above the critical temperature and critical pressure can coexist used to formulate nanoparticles to encapsulatethe drug.

Aphio’s technology involves dissolving a biodegradable polymer such as PLGA in the fluid and mixing it with the therapeutic, polymer nanospheres are formed
The drug is then released from a polymeric particle by diffusion through the polymer matrix as well as by surface erosion.

“In addition to reduction or elimination of organic solvent usage, use of SuperFluids for making nanospheres imparts advantages of no residual toxic organic solvent and pathogen safety,” Aphios claimed.

The SuperFluids polymer nanospheres (PNS) process can be utilised for improving the oral bioavailability of peptides and proteins, depot delivery of peptides and proteins for sustained, controlled release and the subcutaneous and/or oral delivery of sensitive vaccine antigens.

Aphios Corporation is a biotechnology company that is developing enabling technology platforms including nanotechnology drug delivery platforms such as phospholipid nanosomes, biodegradable polymer nanospheres, and protein and crystal nanoparticles for the improved delivery and targeting of poorly water-soluble anticancer drugs, therapeutic proteins and siRNA molecules, as well as enhanced therapeutic products for health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of certain cancers, infectious diseases and CNS disorders.

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