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Painless surgical device CyberKnife to cure cancer launched in India by HCG

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Thursday, December 24, 2009, 16:18 This news item was posted in medical devices category and has 1 Comment so far.

CyberKnife, a non-surgical, pain-free system that can treat lesions and tumors anywhere in the body, has been launched in India by HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG).

CyberKnife is the first and the only robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumours including brain, spine, lung, liver and pancreas or anywhere in the body.

CyberKnife can treat tumours and lesions, including ones that previously have been diagnosed as inoperable or untreatable with existing technology.

Using sophisticated robotics, CyberKnife significantly reduces treatment time from 5 weeks to 5 days, with nil or minimal side effects.

CyberKnife relies on image-guided robotic technology, a technology that’s used for cruise missiles.

CyberKnife uses two cameras and infrared technology to continually adjust where it is sending the radiation.

CyberKnife checks the position of the tumor, checks the position of the patient, adjusts for any movement — patient movement or tumor movement and then delivers the treatment accurately.

Unlike conventional radio surgical technology, the CyberKnife system uses the skeletal structure of the body, rather than invasive metal frames and skull pins, as a reference point for identifying the tumor position throughout the treatment.

CyberKnife allows radiologists to use higher doses of radiation without fear of damaging healthy tissue or causing uncomfortable side effects for cancer patients. Concentrated radiation beams, fired from a possible 1,200 distinct targeting positions, are directly administered to the tumor site.

CyberKnife is allowing doctors to treat tumors in hard-to-reach places like the brain, lungs, liver, prostate and spine as it just focuses on the tumor itself just like a surgeon’s knife would just treat the tumor and go around the tumor alone.

CyberKnife’s computer system is able to tell the robot not only where the tumor is, but where it is in relation to the breathing cycle. It allows the doctors to make very, very small treatment fields because the robot breathes with the patient.

CyberKnife is a painless, non-invasive approach to radiosurgery that results in fewer complications than open surgery with comparable results

CyberKnife allows far superior reach and maneuverability to previously inaccessible and inoperable lesions such as lesions involving the spine, optic apparatus and pancreas. Robotic flexibility allows for isocentric as well as non-isocentric treatment.

With sub-millimeter accuracy, concentrated radiation beams, fired from a possible 1,200 distinct targeting positions, are directly administered to the tumor site, minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

CyberKnife’s image-guided robotic technology continually tracks patient movement and confirms tumor location prior to beam delivery, making it possible to treat lesions that move with respiration such as lung and pancreas tumors.

Many patients who previously reached the lifetime dose limit of traditional radiation therapy to critical structures/tissues can receive additional treatment with CyberKnife because of its targeted treatment precision.

Patients can return immediately to their normal routine after the session is over. The treatment can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

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    wanted some information on whether operating a glioma size 5cm is possible and what would be the approximate cost and is immediate appointment possible

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