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Non surgical therapy for prostate cancer Sonablate is now at HCG, Bangalore

Friday, August 13, 2010, 20:48 This news item was posted in medical devices category and has 0 Comments so far.

Sonablate, a non surgical procedure to treat prostate cancer, is now available at HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG) cancer care network in Bangalore.

Sonablate, which is developed by HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG) uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), technique to treat prostate cancer without surgery or radiation.

HIFU technology utilizes the power of ultrasound to destroy deep-seated tissue for treatment of prostate cancer. The equipment focuses sound waves in a targeted area which rapidly increases the temperature to 90-95 degree centigrade in the focal zone causing tissue destruction.

Sonablate procedure is an acoustic ablation technique which enable the prostate cancer patients recover faster.

Treatment using Sonablate is a 2-3 hour procedure performed one time on a patient basically on an out-patient basis under spinal anaesthesia.

Patients generally are up and walking within hours after HIFU and can return to a normal lifestyle within a couple of days.

Unlike radiation, HIFU is non-ionizing which means that this acoustic ablation technique could also be used as a salvage technique if other prostate cancer treatments fail after radiation, according to Dr Raghunath S K, Uro-Oncologist, HCG,

Sonablate has undergone clinical trials globally and is found a safe and effective method to treat organ confined prostrate cancer.

The incidence of prostrate cancer is rising in India. Currently, prostate cancer is the fifth highest cancer and fourth leading cause of death. According to the Indian Cancer Registry, in 2009, 18,000 cases were diagnosed and prostrate cancer is the rising by one percent annually. The cause of the cancer is attributed to genetic origin, fatty diets and age.

Sonablate technology was introduced in India in 2008 end. Apart from HCG in Karnataka, the other hospitals which have HIFU are New Delhi-based Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Centre, and Primus Hospital, Mumbai’s Jaslok and Hyderabad’s Parimala Hospital.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is cancer affecting prostage glands in men. Prostate is a small gland about the size of a walnut. It sits under the bladder and in front of the rectum. The urethra—the narrow tube that runs the length of the penis and carries both urine and semen out of the body—runs directly through the prostate. The rectum, or lower end of the bowel, sits just behind the prostate and the bladder.

Sitting just above the prostate are the seminal vesicles—two little glands that secrete about 60% of the substances that make up semen.

The prostate is not essential for life, but it’s important for reproduction. It seems to supply substances that facilitate fertilization and sperm transit and survival. Enzymes like prostate specific antigen (PSA) are actually used to loosen up semen to help sperm reach the egg during intercourse.

Symptoms of prostate cancer include These symptoms include: a need to urinate frequently, especially at night; difficulty starting urination or holding back urine; weak or interrupted flow of urine, painful or burning urination; difficulty in having an erection; painful ejaculation; blood in urine or semen; frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs etc.

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