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No calcium in Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250: Novartis

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 15:09 This news item was posted in Industry category and has 5 Comments so far.


Novartis’ Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250 does not contain calcium salt like the company’s flagship brand Calcium Sandoz, the company said in a statement.

The retail traders from Mumbai, who were boycotting Novartis’ drug alleging ‘unethical promotion’ of drugs, have been at logger heads with Novartis India for using the brand name Calcium Sandoz for Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250, which the company is promoting as an ayurvedic medicine.

The traders’ body alleged that Novartis is using its age-old and popular brand name Calcium Sandoz to promote this ayurvedic product to escape price control which Calcium Sandoz fall under.

Novartis’ strategy, according to the traders associations, was to push Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250 directly among doctors and other consumers as an ayurvedic preparation (which does not come in price-control net) and gradually discontinue Calcium sandoz from the market.

Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250, available in packs of 100 chewable tablets and in soft chew butterscotch packs 30 have been prescribed by allopathic doctors for some time, said Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association (PWA) and the Retail Dispensing Chemists and Druggists Association (RDCA) According to the existing rules, allopathic doctors are not supposed to prescribe products containing ayurvedic ingredients

Objecting this manner of promotion, the retailers’ body had also asked the Novartis to clarify what does the 250 in the brand name stand for. In Calcium Sandoz brand, it stood for  250 mg of calcium carbonate IP in each tablet.

Following this, Novartis India issued a statement saying that Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250 is a Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine, being manufactured under a valid Ayurvedic Licence which contains 250 mg elemental calcium.

“We have not discontinued the Calcium Sandoz brand. Earlier this was an allopathic drug and we have converted this product to a Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine by replacing Calcium Carbonate I P with Khatika Churna about four years ago,” the reported statement said.

The packaging on Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250, clearly mentions that this is a Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine “in keeping with the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 and rules there under. As per the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940, this product does not require a prescription to be sold by a retailer or to be recommended by a doctor. In addition, please note that we are not positioning or promoting this product as an allopathic product either to the doctors or to the pharmacists.”

However, the traders body looks still confused. They wonder whether it is possible to claim accurately 250 mg of elemental calcium in an ayurvedic product. And also, what sort of ayurvedic manufacturing process has been followed by Novartis to create this magical formula.

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5 Responses to “No calcium in Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz@250: Novartis”

  1. Mrs. Michelle Lobo said on Thursday, May 7, 2009, 3:21


    What are the side effects of Novartis’ Khatika Churna-Calcium Sandoz if taken daily by 6-7 yr old kids

  2. Kavvayi said on Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 14:19

    From 2009 Jan onwards the Khatika Churna Calcium Sandoz bottle shows a note saying that the “ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER” “ASPERTIMINE” is present in the tablets.
    It does not say specifically that it is suitable for children NOR does it say that it is harmful for children.
    BUT the artificial sweetner “Aspertimine” which is present in “SUGAR FREE” and “EQUAL” clearly warns that it is not to be given to children.
    Also there has been reports of people getting serious side effects like headache from “Aspertimine”.
    Tel calls to the NOvartis number given on the bottle assured that the Calcium sandoz tabs are safe for children.

  3. cessna ferreras said on Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 4:19

    Hi, i want to know if you have calcium sandoz injectable. hoping for your quick response. thank you.

  4. Yogesh said on Saturday, February 6, 2010, 11:57

    Hi…. i wish to know what is the difference between in elemental calcium and calcium carbonate IP

  5. gspal said on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 8:35

    The drug control deptt must hold Novratis India for cheating the public by adding calcium-sandoz 250 against Khatika Curna in different coloured bottles of 30 tabs each of Rs.56 per bttle. We earlier used to buy Calcium Sandoz that contained calcium and now just for profits Novratis India is cheating its consumers by adding some crap proprietay ayurvedic product with artificial sweetners that has no calcium at all in the same along with artificial sweetners that could be harmful for children. Henceforth, I will boycot all Novratis products as one doesnot know what it actually contains. For the sake of their selfish profits they can even sell some ayurvedic poison. Ban them.

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