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Custom fit knee replacement surgery performed at Fortis Hospitals Bangalore

Thursday, July 29, 2010, 21:57 This news item was posted in health category and has 0 Comments so far.


Custom fit knee replacement surgery has been successfully done on two patients with degenerative disease at Fortis Hospitals Bangalore.

The new custom fit knee replacement technology is an instrumentation system that matches the patient’s knee and ensures lesser pain, less tissue damage and faster mobilization.

The custom fit knee replacement surgery procedures aims to get patients back on their feet faster, compared to  conventional knee replacement surgeries.

Conventional knee replacement surgeries retro-fit predetermined sizes of prosthetics on to the patients’ knee.

Custom fit knee replacement surgery procedure is different because it works on the principle that no two patients’ knees are similar.

The new technology digitally recreates the patients knee with 3D image mapping after taking into account, the bone structure, weight ratios, gender, age and even mechanical alignment. Based on this 3D model, the customized knee is created. This technology ensures greater accuracy and reduces the operation time by almost 40 per cent and also results in less loss of bone & tissues, according to Dr Manish Samson, consultant, Joint Replacement Surgeon.

Around four week duration will be required to get the custom fit instrumentation and the doctor being ready with the perfect procedure, the incision is just about 4 inches which itself minimizes the pain, infection, blood loss, and tissue damage are also reduced to a great extent.

Although a bit more expensive than regular knee surgeries, the economies-of-scale are better in terms of shorter hospital stay and faster access to work for custom fit knee replacement surgery procedure, experts pointed out.

The number of arthritis patients are alarmingly going up in India. While around five lakh knee replacement surgeries are annually in the US, India accounts for only about 45,000 knee replacement which is increasing by 25 per cent every year. Currently seven crore people in the country suffer from knee problem. Around 80 have some form of limitation, and 20 per cent suffer from severe movement restriction. By 2020, the country is expected to have 23 crore knee and joint disease population, experts said.

WHO and World Bank have declared the decade between 2000-2010 as the Bone and Joint Decade. The period was dedicated to study the progress of bone diseases and allow help evolve the science of orthopaedics. In this background, Fortis’s medical breakthrough which would revolutionize knee replacement surgeries has taken medical expertise to a new orbit of patient care.

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