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Cochlear Ltd expands operations in India; sets up offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

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Cochlear implants to aid hearing from the Cochlear Ltd, will soon be available across India as the Australian company has started direct operations in the country.

One of the world’s leading manufacturer of implantable solutions for the hearing impaired, Cochlear Ltd will be starting offices at the major cities including New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Cochlear Ltd, which has been operating in India for the last fifteen years through distribution arrangements, has an Indian subsidiary Cochlear Medical Devices India Pvt Ltd.

Cochlear Medical Devices India Pvt Ltd is planning to spend around US$ 15 million in the next five years to spread product awareness on hearing related disease through education and campaigning among medical professionals.
Cochlear currently sells three types of implantable products in India – the Baha bone conduction implants which uses a Swedish technology for adults and children with outer and middle ear problems and total deafness in one ear, Cochlear Hybrid electroacoustic implants offering a unique combination of cochlear implant and a hearing aid, and Cochlear Nucleus 5 a most advanced and slimmer hearing solution for adults and children with moderate to profound hearing loss.
Cochlear Ltd, a global leader in offering implantable hearing solutions for the hearing impaired, has launched its direct operations in India by setting up offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, eyeing the potential for its product base in Indian healthcare market.

The company has already recruited 51 people including sales team for marketing operations in the country, reports said quoting Dyranda Hortle, regional director- Southern Asia, Cochlear Ltd, in Mumbai.

Cochlear Ltd, which claims as much as 70 per cent share in the cochlear implant products in both the global and Indian market, would begin with strengthening its presence in India through the 45 cochlear implant clinics in the country.
The company aims to penetrate the market further soon after by roping in leading surgeons offering the implantable hearing aid treatment.

Currently, there is an increased interest among population to rely on cochlear implants to restore hearing for both children and adults, the company officials said.
“We have identified that the biggest challenge for us in India is the lack of awareness among parents about the importance of the disease in this area and the need of cochlear implants,” stated Hortle.

The company was willing to work with the government championing early intervention in children, said Hortle.

Cochlear Ltd has no plans to commence manufacturing in India or any of the Asian countries, at the moment.

Cochlear has a well established facility for high end complex technology in Australia to produce to 20,000 systems per annum.

Cochlear implants sells its products to almost half the price it charges in Australia, considering the issues with affordability of treatment with the Indian population, Hortle said.

There are approximately 63 million people in India suffering from significant auditory impairment, placing the prevalence at almost 6 per cent of the nation’s population making the Indian market potential for cochlear implant solutions, according to WHO estimates.

Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai and Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad are the other two hospitals in India where this most advanced cochlear implant surgery using Nucleus 5 was done recently.

Cochlear implant operation to help the deaf and dumb hear using the most advanced device has been performed successfully KKR ENT Hospital in the south Indian city of Chennai.

Surgeons at KKR ENT Hospital has surgically placed one of most advanced  cochlear implant devices called Nucleus 5 in the inner ears of 2-year old child suffering from deafness, reports said.

Cochlear implant surgery using Nucleus 5 has been the first of its kind performed in Tamil Nadu and the third one in India, hospital sources claimed.

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