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Bloodless surgery for lung cancer using less radiation RapidArc technology at Yashoda Cancer Institute

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RapidArc technology  to treat inoperable advanced lung cancer with fewer radiation sessions has been successfully tested in a patient Yashoda Cancer Institute, Hyderabad.

Yashoda Cancer Institute becomes the first hospital in India to eradicated a tumour in a patient suffering with inoperable lung cancer with 4-Dimensional Gated Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery using RapidArc technology.

Specialists at Yashoda Cancer Institute used Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery on a 65-year-old patient diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. The patient has having a 2.5 cm tumour in the right middle lobe of his lung. An acute acute cardiac disease further complicated his case, making him unsuitable for invasive surgery.

The follow up HD-PET scan showed a complete eradication of the tumour without any side effects.

Lung cancers is usually treated with 25 to 30 session of radiation treatment lasting over 30 minutes per each treatment session in conventional radiotherapy techniques.

The new RapidArc technology method of radiosurgery involves delivering the full dose of radiation in as little as one to three treatments of ten minutes each. Instead of five to six weeks, the patient’s treatment can be completed in just one week. The new method of radiosurgery is superior to conventional radiation therapy and equivalent to surgery.

It is completely non-invasive and make no cuts or scars in the body.

Radiosurgery might become an alternative to invasive surgery for a large number of patients in the near future, experts said.

The team of radiation oncologists at Yashoda Cancer Institute has now successfully implemented new RapidArc technology method of radiosurgery treatment for another patient of early stage lung cancer and few more patients of pancreatic, liver and gall bladder cancers.

“RapidArc technology along with 4D CT Gating technology enables physicians to trace the exact position of lung tumours and upper abdominal tumours, even while the patient is breathing. This kind of precision is impossible to achieve with the conventional CT technology that is commonly available,” stated Dr G S Rao, managing director of Yashoda Hospitals, said,

Yashoda Cancer Institute has completed treatment of 500 cancer patients with RapidArc technology. The Institute was the first in Asia to be equipped with Varian’s RapidArc Linear Accelerator and the most sophisticated three dimensional treatment planning systems, the hospital authorities claimed.

Lung cancer is the single most devastating cause of cancer related deaths with approximately 1.5 million cases reported world wide and more than 1.3 million deaths in a calendar year. In India, lung cancer constitutes 14.4 per cent (one in seven) of all cancers as per Indian Council of Medical Research. Its incidence is rising among both men and women, and increasing numbers are being detected due to better screening and public awareness.

Radiotherapy and surgery are two major curative modalities in the treatment of lung cancer with chemotherapy reserved for advanced cases.

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