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Bilcare Tech launches anti-counterfeiting device nonClonableID to pharma, agri products

Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 22:15 This news item was posted in medical devices category and has 0 Comments so far.

nonClonableID, a new embedded electronic tracking device to check counterfeiting in pharmaceutical and agrochemical products has been launched in India.   

Bilcare Technologies, a provider of anti-counterfeiting, security and brand protection solutions, announced execution of its nonClonableID for the Security, Pharma and Agrochemical sectors with the symbolic hand over of technology embedded products to leading companies like Ranbaxy, Panacea Biotec and Mankind in the Pharma and Indofil in the Agrochemical sectors. 
Most existing anti-counterfeiting technologies have limitations as the counterfeiters are able to figure them out within 9-12 months after deployment of these technologies by the brand owners.

However, Bilcare’s nonClonableID fingerprints are not possible to be copied as even Bilcare cannot duplicate these fingerprints. 

The ability of nonClonableID to enable convincing product authentication on a real-time, anytime-anywhere basis along with complete securitization of the supply chain  is making it applicable across diverse sectors viz. pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, automotive, financial and document securitization, fashion & luxury goods, art & heritage and beyond.

“We are working to implement this technology for Delhi Police Force. It is also being deployed in leading pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies in India,” stated Mohan Bhandari, founder, chairman & managing director, Bilcare Limited.

Internationally, nonClonableID technology has been accepted by a leading wine producer in USA as well as by the security force of the President of Indonesia. Bilcare is about to close a deal with a European consumer product company. On the document security front, a major trial is underway with a printer manufacturer in USA for nonClonableID technology, he added.

Worldwide counterfeit market is estimated around 500 bn USD, which adversely affects the global citizens in many ways.  Bilcare sees its technology as the answer to this global problem.

Bilcare has already started executing projects. The nonClonableID technology is already being used by one of the largest auto component manufacturer in the world and by museums for security of precious art and heritage artifacts.

Bilcare is continuously working with its customers to make sure that they get most advanced and customized relevant solutions, which are scalable and cost effective.

The need to address many vexing challenges like tracking and tracing products, enhancing supply chain efficiency and traceability, thwarting grey markets and managing product recalls for instilling confidence in customers are becoming increasingly important.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID solution aims to enhance the value for the customer by effectively addressing these needs says Himanshu Bhatt, Global Sales Director for Physical Meets Digital Software Solutions Sales for IBM based in Texas, USA.

Himanshu stated that IBM and Bilcare are opportunistically pursuing prospects in the market place to allow customers derive the value from IBM’s established leadership in Smart planet solutions that combines IBM’s Product Traceability software solutions with Bilcare nonClonableID solution.

Bilcare has also signed a strategic relationship with Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) and Bilcare to address the diverse needs of security more particularly in Government related projects within and outside of India.

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