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Bangalore’s NephroLife offers quicker dialysis via GPS tracking of kidney patients

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The Bangalore-based NephroLife Care has started a tracking system to enable quicker dialysis treatment to save lives of patients who are suffreing from chronic kidney ailments.

As a means to deliver dialysis without losing a minute, NephroLife Care has launched ambulances installed with global positioning system (GPS)  tracking system

The GPS tracking system allows NephroLife Care centre to monitor vehicles within one metre radius through satellite imaging. This will help to assist the needy patients quicker by rushing to the nearest possible dialysis location as GPS enables networking with various dialysis machines located at different centres in Bangalore.

GPS will help to save time and lives with faster access to dialysis care, to chronically ailing patients suffering from various kidney disease that require urgent medical intervention.

NephroLife Care is the first centre in South Asia to network dialysis machines,according to Shriram Vijayakumar, managing director & founder, NephroLife.

The advanced GPS technology allows NephroLife Care us to enhance safety and ensure timeliness for dialysis patients pioneering as India’s first dialysis centre to have GPS enabled patient vans, the hospital sources stated.

NephroLife Care is a dedicated centre for diseases affecting the kidnies and dialysis in Bangalore.

The ROI Capital Advisors funded Renal Disease Management Centre has  completed 2000 dialysis since its inception early this year.

NephroLife Care has also provided its patients easy access for faster appointments through registrations via its website. The centre also offer pick n drop vehicles services to patients.

Kidney diseases are of high prevalence in India as one out of every nine cases suffer from chronic kidney disease in the country, according to a recent estimate.

India is estimated to have 700 dialysis centres, currently.These centres perform 4,000 dialysis sessions a day that amounts to around 2.5 lakh a month and 30 lakh annually.

The dialysis procedure costs around Rs 1.2 lakh including medications before a transplant.

Kidney transplant costs around Rs 50,000 at government hospitals to Rs 3 lakh at private hospitals in India.

Another  Rs 1.3 lakh will be required for patients annually after transplants.

As many as 3,000 kidney transplants are performed annually at the 170 government approved centres across India.

Numberwise, the maximum transplants are done at New Delhi followed by Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai.

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