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Aurobindo posts net profit of Rs 128.29 crore in Q2

Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 14:39 This news item was posted in Industry category and has 0 Comments so far.

India’s Aurobindo Pharma posted net profit of Rs 128.29 crore in Q2 September 2009 as against a net loss of Rs 38.50 crore in the same quarter last year.

Aurobindo Pharma’s net sales rose 30% to Rs 826.31 crore in Q2 September 2009 over Q2 September 2008.

During the quarter ended September 2009, the company incurred a foreign exchange loss of Rs 3.70 crore.

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd’s gross margin improved to 52.2% from 49.1% last year and operating profit before Fx improves to 23.5% in comparison with 17.6% last year.

Aurobindo Pharma’s operating profit (EBIDTA) before Fx up 65.7% to Rs 207.0 crores from last year’s 124.9 crore. PBT before Fx up by 95.5% to Rs 164.6 crores against Rs 84.2 crores.

Aurbindo Pharma’s PAT before Fx up by 60.1% to Rs 106.8 crores against Rs 66.7 crores.

Aurobindo’s formulation sales went up by 39.4% to Rs 445.2 crores against Rs 319.3 crores a year ago. Formulations sales constitute 51.3% against 44.1% of gross sales.

Aurobindo had 3 ANDA filings in USA in Q2 FY 2009-10 taking the cumulative filings to 158.

Aurobindo has 16 dossier filings in Europe in Q2 FY 2009-10 with a cumulative filings 693 for the second quarter (Q2) FY 2009-10.
As on 30.09.2009, Aurobindo’s 106 ANDAs have been approved in USA including 29 tentative approvals.

Aurobindo has so far launched 59 products in the USA market.

During the quarter the company has received USFDA approvals for fosinopril sodium and hydrochlorothiazide tablets USP 10/12.5mg, 20/12.5mg, zidovudine tablets USP 60mg (NDA), cefadroxil for oral suspension USP 250mg/5mL, 500mg/5mL, donepezil hydrochloride tablets 5mg, 10mg, carisoprodol tablets USP 350mg , clindamycin hydrochloride capsules 50mg,300mg, risperidone oral solution 1mg/mL, atomoxetine hydrochloride capsules 10mg, 18mg, 25mg, 40mg, 60mg, 80mg and 100mg, ribavirin tablets 200mg, ribavirin capsules 200mg,fluconazole for oral suspension 10mg/mL, 40mg/mL.

Headquartered at Hyderabad, India, Aurobindo Pharma Limited manufactures generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Aurobindo Pharma ’s manufacturing facilities are approved by several leading regulatory agencies like US FDA, UK MHRA, WHO, Health Canada, MCC South Africa, ANVISA Brazil.

Aurobindo Pharma’s product portfolio is spread over 6 major therapeutic/product areas encompassing antibiotics, anti-retrovirals, CVS, CNS, gastroenterologicals, and anti-allergics.

Aurobindo Pharma has alliances with original research companies in the area of custom synthesis.

Aurobindo Pharma offers a comprehensive custom synthesis services in organic custom synthesis and chemical development. All the six manufacturing plants of the company conform to international standards, with a variety of reactors – more than 300 SS, glass lined, high pressure and sterile reactors, spray drier, and hydrogenators. All are cGMP compliant.

Under the organic custom synthesis module, Aurobindo offers a full range of services to meet the varying needs by utilizing established synthetic routes, modifying customer processes, designing novel routes with complete chemical, chromatographic, spectroscopic back up for starting materials, intermediates, reference compounds, metabolites, resolution of enantiomers, structural isomers etc.

As part of the chemical development service, Aurobindo offers scale-up of existing processes, preparation of intermediates in milligrams to kilo lots, processes optimization, development and use of purification techniques and alternate process routes.

Promoters have pledged more than 1.01 crore shares representing 18.86% of the equity capital of the company (as on 30 September 2009). Total promoters shareholding in the company is 58.99% (as on 30 September 2009).

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