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Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaka to ditch racy kimono

Monday, August 10, 2009, 15:20
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Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaka, 25, who will represent Japan at the 2009 Miss Universe beauty pageant in Bahamas, will not wear the leather-and-pink-garter Miss Universe outfit that was unveiled at a fashion show in Tokyo.

Photo:Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaki obscene kimono photo

Photo:Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaki obscene kimono photo

Emiri Miyasaka was accused of dressing up in a style inappropriate to Japanese beauty and culture. Nearly 2000 people in Japan described the dress as crass, sleazy and “something a prostitute might wear.”

The outfit, designed by French designer Ines Ligron and Japan’s Yoshiyuki Ogata, is a barely-there kimono in black leather. cut very high, with an obi band, revealing lacy pink underwear and garter belts.

“We are just surprised by the harsh comments from many people,” said a staff member at IBG Japan, the fashion and entertainment company which organizes the

Japanese leg of the beauty competition.

“The conservative and fashion dinosaurs are criticizing her costume, meanwhile the fashionistas love it. I care only about the movers and shakers in the fashion

industry,” wrote the fashion French designer Ligron on her blog.

In the face of massive criticism, IBG Japan will change Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaka’s look, before the 2009 Miss Universe contest that will be held on August 23, 2009.

“Considering the opinions we got from many supporters and other people concerned, we decided to make the hemline of the costume longer,” said IBG Japan.

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